Boost up your Marketing Strategies: Voluum Alternatives

If you are an online marketer or individual advertiser or have digital and offline businesses, then it must be really hard to choose the best tracking software which can also manage your campaigns, right?

Though you are continuously investing a lot in such software, still it becomes hard to get the reach of customers sometimes. Honestly, there is a wide range of apps and software that are available online which can assist you in boosting up your businesses by growing up sales through a proper ad and campaign optimization.

You must have heard the name of Voluum, right?

Voluum is one of the most popular ad tracking tools in the present global market. It has a vast range of features and this tool is extremely handy for which this tool has gained quite a reputation in the market.

But in this article, we will see details about Voluum and its alternatives. So let’s get started!

What is Voluum?

Voluum is cloud-based tracking software that helps track and optimize through analyzing all the marketing campaigns just from a single place. The real-time data analysis, automated systems with AI-powered optimization has made this software one of the best-demanded software among marketers.

Voluum allows users real-time data processing with instant information which helps the marketers to manage transactions smoothly and process the campaigns properly.

Though it is hosted on the cloud network, still it does not make the application slow down even a little bit. The best part is that Voluum can be used from any device including cellphones, so you can easily check your updates from wherever you want.

Key features of Voluum

  • Smooth Tracking Methods: You can easily track complex and integrated tracking systems without using any use of third-party cookies through Redirect Tracking. As there are no redirects between them, so this is an effective form of tracking. It is also compatible with any traffic sources and does not depend on the internet speed of the visitor.
  • Affiliate Marketing Dashboard: The marketing dashboard of Voluum provides a complete and well-defined outline of the statistics of your ad campaigns as clicks, visits, bonuses, and so on.
  • Organic Traffic Tracking: Organic traffic tracking monitors coming directly from URLs, web pages, and other search engines. This helps to boost your marketing strategies for a productive marketing campaign.
  • Multi-step Funnel: For increasing conversations with the target audience, you need to create a complex path, the Multi-Step Funnel facilitates this complex structure. A well-organized funnel helps to modify your work and increase the number of visitors.
  • Custom Conversation Tracking: You can easily customize your way of conversations with your customers according to your preference and optimize your marketing strategy.
  • Optimizing through real-time Report: The optimizing feature helps to focus on improvement and changes along with campaign progress. As it generates a database in real-time, it assists marketers to make effective campaign decisions.
  • A/B Split Testing: A/B Split Testing reduces the hassle of deciding which path one should choose to generate the best amount of revenues. With this, you can easily see which offers and landing pages are going to generate the most amount revenue.
  • Error Log: It is impossible fact that every time your campaigns will go according to your plan, right? The error log will help you to discover where your campaign funnel setup might have a glitch.
  • AI-oriented Traffic Distribution: It can still be tough to keep a check on the systematic database created by A/B split testing and to optimize them according to your need. This Traffic Distribution AI automatically updates your traffic flow for better optimization based on landing pages, conversation rates, and other factors.
  • Automizer: With the automizer feature you can work on all the campaigns together from one place according to the rules you have set as per your performance goals. It will automatically update you about your campaign performance through alerts and notifications. You can also pause and resume your campaigns as your wish.
  • Rule-Based Traffic Distribution: It is the most amazing feature of Voluum. You can choose the path you want your visitors to follow and thus it helps to engage yourself in more productive conversation rates and optimize your campaigns.
  • Anti-Fraud Kit: Bot traffic can be malicious and can disrupt your progress in campaigns. Anti-Fraud KIt helps to detect and manage any suspicious activities in the traffic and helps to keep your channels safe and secured.

Voluum Pricing: There are four plans for it, and the price depends on the package you choose.

  • Discover: This package costs $69 per month.
  • Profit: Thai package costs $119 per month.
  • Grow: This package costs $349 per month.
  • Custom: It is a contract-based individual customized package. The price depends on the features you choose.

Best alternatives of Voluum


Weberlo is one of the most renowned digital tools that help marketers to track and organize unlimited links and funnels. Weberlo offers users a properly optimized and all-in-one easy-to-use dashboard that will assist marketers to perform smoothly, in a convenient way.

You will be able to project and analyze how your sales funnels and traffic sources will work and how much revenue you might generate at a glance from the detailed analytical reports. So this will help you to make better decisions and focus effectively uprising your company in the market to generate a good amount of fortune.

Key Features of Weberlo

  • You can easily project the Return on investments (ROI) from your marketing campaign activities and can record all the attribution works.
  • It will research real-world data sales and give you a detailed report about what is working in your favor and what’s not.
  • It provides a single dashboard to work and thus it increases the teams’ efficiency.
  • You can track and record the customers for months or even years and can determine the lifetime value of the customers.
  • Its cookieless server tracker was created with iOS which assists in optimizing the ads.
  • It includes refunds and recurring payments which are not covered by other platforms.

Price: Price starts from $299 per month depending on the package you choose.

FunnelFlux Pro

FunnelFlux Pro is a software or tool that allows users to track markets of campaigning from various social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. It will assist you to see how much money you have spent for each existing traffic source and after that how much money you could generate from that project. So you can easily project and take decisions about whether you should invest or not.

As FunnelFlux Pro has been constantly developing their tool unleashing more and more new compatible features. It will help you to monition page visits, conversations, and clicks across all social media platforms. It will basically let you see the lifetime future value of your advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google Adwords and will assist you in making decisions.

Key features of FunnelFlux Pro

  • It will create visual funnels irrespective of size.
  • It will collect data and create updated reports from time to time.
  • You will get rapid pace stats.
  • It has all the metrics available and needed by the customers.
  • You can track in the simplest way without the interruption of cookies.
  • FunnelFlux provides fast global redirects.
  • It will provide your highly accurate device data.
  • You can have an unlimited number of custom domains.
  • It has a well-organized and handy user interface.
  • It has an optimizer for running all the native traffic with 90% automated optimization.
  • The Geodata provided here is extensive.
  • The trials are risk-free.

Price: Price starts from $99 to $499 per month depending on the package you choose.


Improvely is one of the most popular conversation trackings and clicks fraud monitoring applications that work well with Bing Ads, Adwords, Twitter, and also Facebook ads. It combines all of the features such as click fraud detection, conversation tracking, landing page split testing, affiliate marketing tools, etc. into one single dashboard for which it becomes very easy to work swiftly.

Through this, you can easily get a detailed report about where your most customers came from, from which site or which web search is the most trendy now, or which ad click brought them to your shop.

Besides, Improvely will also help you to keep track of the cost, revenue, and profit of your AdWords, that is you can easily keep track of all the details in a single place.

Key Features of Improvely

  • It tracks all of your conversations.
  • It helps to detect fraud with its click fraud monitoring feature.
  • You can easily do affiliate marketing through this.
  • It has a metrics dashboard.
  • It can easily detect repeated customers and they are easily tracked and targeted.
  • It has an advanced range of features which helps in smooth working.
  • You can make custom domains.
  • You can easily track malicious activities and block necessary IP addresses.
  • It provides excel CSV support.
  • It tracks and manages all inks.
  • It gives a security warning before entering any suspicious pages.

Price: Price starts from $29 to $299 per month depending on the packages you choose.


Like the previous ones, ClickMagick is one of the best tracking services available in the market that will help you track your ads and to detect the most profitable traffic. It can track email campaigns as well.

ClickMagick is considered to be one of the most affiliate tracking software in the market because it has a wide range of lucrative and robust features. This will help you to view free analytics for your campaigns and will keep an eye on the overall performance of your ads.

It also takes care of some of the most important factors such as payment methods, testing the price points, page designs, sales, campaign management, and so on.

Key features of ClickMagick

  • You can easily split your landing pages into two different offers so that you can split your audience and redirect them to different pages for comparing conversations.
  • This will help you to track all the funnels and trace every activity of each customer base.
  • It will help you to clone one link in two different platforms so that you can find which one gives you more revenue.
  • It allows users to enable pop-ups.
  • It allows users to retain data from six months to years depending on the package.
  • Its user interface is quite user-friendly.
  • It allows parallel tracking.
  • It allows you to create a customized domain in a neater way.
  • It will notify you beforehand whether your affiliate link is working well or not.

Price: Price starts from $27 to $97 per month depending on the packages you choose.


RedTrack is a cloud-based ad tracking and conversion attribution software that helps companies to consolidate data across all channels and campaigns. It helps to resolve the issues of delayed and inaccurate decisions and protects the company from wastage of time, opportunities, and money.

It also helps in the automation of routine manual operations which will assist your team to focus on complex tasks and manage all the campaigns effortlessly. It will track all the multi-channel campaigns with zero third-party cookies. You can manage your team through this and can share data with peers and customers by tracking conversations.

Key features of RedTrack

  • Its automation will allow you o set rules for your traffic and control them by the algorithms of RedTrack.
  • It has Facebook CAPI support and verify domain features.
  • It will help you to focus on campaign performance.
  • It helps you with attribution and has fingerprint reporting.
  • The auto-optimization will analyze all offers and landers and distribute them with better combinations.
  • It has coupon-based tracking.
  • You can customize your partnership portal.
  • It supports Multilevel Marketing (MLM).
  • Its Universal tracking feature allows users to track all conversations across all platforms.
  • It has AI-based algorithms.

Price: Price starts from $83 to $624 per month depending on the packages you choose.


LinkTrackr is a great tool for affiliate or SEO professionals residing for more than 10 years in the market. You can track, shorten and cloak your affiliate links and work effortlessly with the popular networks with redirect based on Geo and Google Analytics.

You can easily track and identify the sources of your conversations and helps in managing campaigns. It also helps to track banner ads, email ads, links from your websites and thus you can understand how well your traffic is working.

Key Features of LinkTrackr

  • The tracking conversation way of it is advanced.
  • You can optimize the links as you wish.
  • You can do basic cloaking.
  • This has the most effective pixel tracking solution.
  • You can track platforms, servers, and cookies with automatic conversation reports.
  • You can customize your domain URL.

Price: Price starts from $9 to $69 per month depending on the packages you choose.

This is one of the best global partnership management platforms which helps enterprises to manage all types of partnerships such as influencers, B2B, commerce content publishers, and affiliates. It is a purpose-built platform that assists publishers, brands, and agencies to build a quality bond with publishers and customers through tracking conversations.

Key features of :

  • The Data lab of this tool helps to analyze the data easily and visualize them easily.
  • It helps to recruit publishers and creators from discovery.
  • Deferred deep linking helps to boost customer engagement.
  • The API portal will suggest edits and has built-in search functionality.
  • It helps to increase sales growth by funding partners’ marketing skills.
  • Forecasting and anomaly detection helps to predict future sales.
  • It has Salesforce and Hubspot CRM integration.
  • It has a product listing feature that helps both parties to explore new products.


Hyros is a software tool that focuses on analyzing, tracking, and measuring the probability of any marketing campaign becoming successful in the future through assessing the customers’ activities across all platforms. This software will track through email, website visits, across all social media platforms.

Besides, it will provide you with an organized customer details report about your clients. Thus, you can easily get a clear idea about your ideal target customers and on which side your company should invest all of its effort and strategies for getting more success.

Key Features of Hyros

  • It tracks the conversions and clicks of the customers.
  • You can track effortlessly and it is based on 10 points.
  • It gives you a broader way to tie conversions with the target audience.
  • It calculates your LTV based on your preference.
  • You can increase sales by 60% more through this than other tracking methods.
  • You can view your traffic sources in a single central hub.
  • You will get detailed analyzed reports and select which ads or conversations will give you the best ROI.
  • Your ad cost will decrease to an extent.
  • It provides you with a single source of data gathered from different sources.
  • It will help you to identify the target audience through ads that bring in the most profits.

Price: Price starts from $399 per month.


Segmetrics is also a web-based software tool created for helping marketers across all platforms to get a full analysis of customers from various traffic sources. It will reduce your workload and increase the efficiency of your teamwork as all of its work can be done just from a single dashboard.

The marketing agencies that use Segmetrics can analyze campaigns, track various ad sources, get more visibility to both old and new customers for expanding the connectivity. Besides, data visualization, performance metrics, campaign management, website analytics, keyword tracking are the key features of this tool.

Key Features of Segmetrics

  • You can target your required audience effortlessly.
  • It has a cross-channel attribution feature, which allows you to work across all social media platforms at the same time.
  • You can easily export or import data and connect them to build up a productive strategy.
  • You can easily track ads and utilize those data to make an effective marketing strategy through its attribution modeling.
  • You can easily portray the whole customer journey through this.
  • It will track the conversations and will help you to marketize your product or service thoroughly.
  • It will provide you to make strategies with a full financial reporting and marketing report.
  • It has a customizable dashboard allowing you to work at your own pace.
  • You can set a goal and work and track your progress accordingly.

Price: Price starts from $175 to $495 per month or can be increased according to customization.


For optimizing your marketing strategies, your platform needs the help of advanced tools and we have mentioned the best ones for you here. Now look for the unique features that suit your business perfectly and select the best one for you through self-analysis.

So what are you waiting for? Start boosting up your sales and reach with the best tool suited for you! Make sure to try out the free trials that are available before deciding on the final one.

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