10 Best ClickBank Alternatives For Affiliate SEOs In 2023

ClickBank is one of the most popular affiliate networks, but it’s not the only option. If you’re looking for ClickBank alternatives, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will discuss the 10 best ClickBank options for affiliate marketers in 2022. We’ll also be giving you a few tips on how to choose the right affiliate network for you and your business.

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What Is Click Bank?

ClickBank is an online marketplace that connects digital content creators with affiliate marketers. Business owners and affiliate marketers can use ClickBank to sell or promote products and services online, including e-books, courses, software, and more.

There are plenty of reasons why businesses would want to use ClickBank. For example, it offers a wide range of features and tools that make it a valuable resource for online companies, such as commission tracking, payment processing, ad management, customer support, and more. In addition to these features, ClickBank has a large community of users who can provide feedback and help guide you.

One of the best things about ClickBank is that it offers various platforms (including desktop versions and mobile apps) that you can use to market your business. This means you have plenty of options, whether selling products online or promoting services through social media. Additionally, numerous ClickBank affiliate programs will help you generate revenue from your marketing efforts. So if you’re interested in starting or expanding your own business using digital content creation methods, then ClickBank is worth checking out!

Why Should You Use A ClickBank Alternative?

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are some different networks you can choose from. Each network has its pros and cons, so it is essential to research the best fit for your business. Some popular networks include ClickBank, Amazon Associates, and Rakuten Kobo.

However, ClickBank is not the only affiliate network out there. Many people consider it one of the weaker networks compared to other options. Plenty of other networks offer better commission rates, more products, and a more extensive selection of vendors. Some ClickBank alternatives offer features that ClickBank does not (such as recurring commissions or direct deposit payments). Ultimately, it is up to the affiliate marketer to decide which network is best for their business.

If you are considering switching to a different affiliate network, here are four reasons why you should consider doing so:

1. Better commission rates: Some better-known networks, such as ClickBank, offer lower commission rates than ClickBank alternatives. For example, Amazon Associates pays out 4 per cent of sales made through their program. This can be important if your goal is to make more money from your marketing efforts.

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2. More products: Many leading ClickBank alternatives offer a much more comprehensive product range than ClickBank. This can be a significant advantage if you search for additional revenue sources.

3. A more comprehensive selection of vendors: Many top-quality ClickBank alternatives also have a much more extensive selection of vendors than ClickBank. This means that you can find more relevant and exciting products to promote.

4. Recurring commissions and direct deposit payments: Some alternative networks offer features that make it easier for affiliates to generate recurring commissions and receive direct deposit payments from their customers. These features can help reduce the time spent promoting each product, which saves valuable time in any business setting.

Best Alternatives To ClickBank

For affiliate marketers, ClickBank is one of the most popular and well-known affiliate networks. It is a platform that allows you to sell products and services online. What are some benefits of using ClickBank?

Benefits if you use ClickBank over the alternatives

-It’s one of the most established affiliate networks.

-ClickBank has a massive selection of products and services.

-The commission rates are high (typically 50%).

-It’s easy to set up an account and start promoting products.

-You can easily track your clicks and conversions.

-There is a support team available 24/7, should you need it.

10 best alternatives to ClickBank for affiliate marketers:

There are many options when it comes to choosing an affiliate network, but here are ten that may be better suited for your business:

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates program has been a great alternative platform for monetizing affiliate content on its online store. Amazon offers over 353 million online products – many tangible products – while ClickBank’s online offerings are more recognizable. The Affiliate program carries two products—both formats. See my detailed comparison of the Amazon Affiliate Program and Click Bank.


ShareASale is an enormous online marketplace with physical product offerings. Some countries have called them the world’s largest, although some non-Networking Competition (including Amazon) have more affiliates. Though significant, the platform remains more selective than ClickBank. It has a vast affiliate network which covers many niches, including furniture & garden accessories and home and garden accessories. Due to its size, there will be plenty of options available.

CJ Affiliate network

CJ Affiliate is a leading global affiliate marketing network. It is a platform that allows advertisers to connect with publishers who can help them reach their target audience and achieve their marketing objectives. CJ Affiliate offers a wide range of services and tools, such as program management, tracking and reporting, performance optimization, creative optimization, fraud detection and prevention, content monetization and more. With its comprehensive suite of products, CJ Affiliate enables publishers to maximize their revenue while helping advertisers get the most out of their online campaigns.

Rakuten Marketing

The network of affiliates focused on physical products include fashion, jewelry and accessory brands like Rakuten Marketing. It’s not just about physical products; it also reflects the nature of the products in the market. This program attracts more than 1000 advertisers of various types.

JV Zoo affiliate programs

It has 900,000 active affiliates in total. They focus on digital information and offer similar offerings to those in ClickBank. The JVZoo network is a network of affiliated companies and distributors. This agency aims to promote relations between the affiliates and the vendors without higher-level interference. This way, vendors can quickly develop new offers and select partners.


PeerFly is a CPA-focused partner network whose offerings have high quality. After you’re approved, you can market various niches like fashion, health, and e-commerce. Several B2B options exist. While most offers are CPA, other affiliate offers are offered. You can make a CPS offer or create a Revenue Sharing Agreement with an advertising company.

Market Health

Market Health is a longtime affiliate marketer in the Beauty/Health sector. Among ClickBank alternatives, this could be unique for you. Despite its limited market, it still has many products that must be promoted. Some health product is produced directly by the organization that manages the network.

Rakuten Marketing

The network of affiliates focused on physical products include fashion, jewellery and accessory brands like Rakuten Marketing. It’s not just about physical consequences; it also reflects the nature of the products in the market. This program attracts more than 1000 advertisers of various types.

eBay Partner Network (EPN)

eBay Partner Network (EPN) is an affiliate marketing program run by eBay. It allows publishers to leverage the eBay platform, driving traffic and sales to eBay merchants through publisher websites and other online channels. Publishers earn a commission on sales they generate through their website or another online channel. EPN also provides a wide range of tools and resources to help its publishers operate successful affiliate programs. With EPN, publishers can track their performance in real time, optimize their campaigns for higher ROI, and easily create customized links to track referrals. In addition, EPN offers exclusive promotions, discounts, coupons and rewards to help its partners promote their products more effectively.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is a leading online affiliate marketing network. It connects advertisers with publishers and helps them increase their online visibility and sales. Commission Junction provides its clients with alternatives, such as search engine marketing, display advertising, and email marketing. Additionally, the platform offers exclusive tools to help advertisers track and optimize their campaigns. Commission Junction also provides comprehensive reporting systems to ensure users make the most of their marketing efforts. With its reliable service and dedicated team of professionals, Commission Junction makes it easy for companies to reach their full potential in the digital world.

Which affiliate program to choose?

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an affiliate network is the commission rates. ClickBank offers some of the highest commission rates, ranging from 50% to 75%. Other notable networks that offer high commission rates include Commission Junction (70%) and ShareASale (75%).

Another essential consideration is which platforms you want to promote your products on. ClickBank allows you to promote products on its site and third-party sites such as Amazon and eBay. However, it’s worth noting that ClickBank does not allow you to sell products through its place. Instead, you must use one of the many external vendors affiliated with ClickBank. This may be a limitation if you’re looking for a platform that centralizes all your affiliate marketing efforts.

Some other factors to consider when selecting an affiliate network include ease of use, popularity among affiliates, support services offered, and vendor support. While no network is perfect for every business, these ten networks are likely better suited for most affiliates.

How To Choose The Right Affiliate Network

When choosing an affiliate network, you must consider the products or services you want to promote. Additionally, it is essential to look at the commission structure of the network. For example, some networks pay based on a percentage of sales, while others pay based on the total amount spent. It is also important to ensure that the network has good reviews from other affiliates and is compatible with your website or blog.

To select the right affiliate network, it is essential to research different networks. Once you have narrowed down your choices, it is necessary to read the commission structures of each network. Additionally, ensure that the network has good reviews from other affiliates and is compatible with your website or blog. Finally, select a network based on which products or services interest you most and which commission structure best suits your needs.

The Pros And Cons Of Using An Affiliate Network

One of the most significant things you can do regarding marketing is to find an affiliate network. An affiliate network is a group of different businesses that work together to promote each other’s products. When you sign up with an affiliate network, you become part of a larger group of marketers working towards the same goal. This means you can access a much larger pool of potential customers, and your ad campaigns can be scaled more easily.

However, there are some downsides to using an affiliate network. For example, you may not have as much control over your ad campaigns as you would if you were promoting a product. Additionally, the results may not always be as impressive as they seem at first glance. However, this is still one of the most effective ways to market your products online.

Overall, an affiliate network is a powerful tool that can help you reach a wider audience. However, there are some things to be aware of before joining one. Ensure that your chosen network is reputable and has a good track record of delivering results. Additionally, be prepared to work to see any benefits; affiliate networks aren’t magic bullets. But using one can help your business grow faster and reach new heights.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Affiliate Marketing Network?

If you’re looking to break into the affiliate marketing industry, joining an affiliate marketing network is a good start. Networks provide several benefits that help you achieve your goals faster and easier than working alone. For example, networks allow you to see what products are selling well in real-time, which can help you adjust your strategy accordingly. Additionally, networks give you access to a wider range of potential customers than if you were working independently. This means that there’s more potential for growth with an affiliate marketing network than if you were working independently. Networks also provide support and resources that may not be available if you work solo. This can include training programs, tools and resources, and even financial backing, should you need it.

Different affiliate marketing networks are out there, each offering its benefits. Some popular networks include ClickBank, Shopify, Amazon Associates, and Rakuten Marketing. Each network has unique features and benefits that can help you reach your goals faster. So, which network is right for you? Here’s a quick overview of some key differences between the networks:

Network Type

ClickBank is a commission-based network, while Shopify and Amazon Associates are affiliate marketing platforms. This means you earn commissions on sales that you generate through links on your websites or blog posts. Rakuten Marketing is an advertising-based network, meaning you don’t earn anything on sales generated through your links.

Compensation Plan

ClickBank offers a flat fee structure for affiliates keen to join their program. In contrast, Amazon Associates and Shopify offer tiered compensation plans based on how much money you bring in each month. Rakuten Marketing pays out via PayPal payments once per week.

Link Requirements

All three networks require affiliates to have at least one link in their website or blog post before they can generate commissions from traffic generated through those links. However, ClickBank does not require any particular link type-all. Links will work fine as long as they are affiliated with ClickBank products. Rakuten Marketing requires affiliates to have Premier accounts to generate commissions from traffic generated through their links (though this requirement may be relaxed in the future).

How Can An Affiliate Marketing Network Help Grow Your Business?

An affiliate marketing network can be a great way to grow your business. Many networks have a low entry barrier, meaning anyone can start promoting products and earn a commission. This makes it an ideal option for businesses of all sizes. A wide variety of products and services are available to promote, so you’re sure to find something that aligns with your interests. Additionally, as an affiliate marketing network grows, it will generally offer more resources and support to its members. This can help you grow your business faster than you would otherwise be able to do on your own.

Some networks also offer additional features, such as tools and training to help you be successful. For example, some networks provide tutorials on how best to promote products or how to create effective content campaigns. This can help you take your business to the next level quickly and easily!

Things To Look For In An Affiliate Marketing Network

When choosing an affiliate marketing network, looking for various affiliate offers is essential. This allows you to find the best deals and decide on the products that are most relevant to your interests. It is also crucial to look for reasonable commission rates and reliable payments. A strong reputation is also beneficial, as it indicates that the affiliate marketing network is reputable and has a good track record.

An easy-to-use interface is another important factor when selecting an affiliate marketing network. This will make it easier for you to navigate and find the information you are looking for.

It is also essential to consider the size of the affiliate marketing network. More extensive networks may have more opportunities for you to market your products, while smaller networks may be able to provide you with more personalized service. It is crucial to select a network that fits your needs and budget.

Finally, checking out the affiliate marketing network’s terms and conditions is essential. These will outline what is allowed and prohibited on the network and any fees that may apply. Reading these carefully before joining a network is always best to be aware of potential risks or restrictions.

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Why ClickBank Is Not The Only Option For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular way for business owners to monetize their websites and expand their customer base. However, various affiliate networks may suit specific business needs and goals.

For example, ClickBank is not the only option for those interested in affiliate marketing. There are various affiliate networks out there, each with its unique set of features and benefits. Business owners and marketers should research various affiliate networks before deciding which is suitable for their business.

Selecting the right affiliate network can be a complicated process. Business owners must consider a network’s features, such as commission rates and customer support. They must also assess which networks best suit their business goals and operations.

For example, some networks are better suited for businesses that want to focus on building an audience first and then promoting products from those audiences later on. Other networks may be better for companies that would like to promote specific products or services quickly and easily. Business owners must research each web carefully before deciding which is right for them.

The Future Of Affiliate Networks

The affiliate network industry is ten years old, and marketers constantly look for the next big thing. This has led to the rise of several alternative affiliate networks. Some networks specialize in a specific niche or product (such as health-related products). In contrast, others offer higher commissions or a more comprehensive range of products (such as travel-related products). Even networks focus on providing customer support (like Amazon Associates). So whether you’re looking for a more general affiliate network or one that specializes in a specific product type, an alternative is likely available that meets your needs.

Despite the wide range of networks available, a few key factors remain constant across all networks. First, affiliate networks rely on a merchant relationship to generate affiliate commissions. These relationships are built through promoting products from merchants who place links in their content or ads. Second, many networks require affiliates to adhere to specific guidelines (such as minimum spend levels or product exclusions) to qualify for commissions. Finally, affiliate networks tend to be very strict about how commissions are paid—typically as a percentage of sales rather than dollar amounts.

One recent development within the affiliate network industry has been the rise of alternative payment methods such as cryptocurrency and virtual currencies. Cryptocurrencies allow merchants to pay affiliates in cryptocurrencies instead of traditional payment methods like credit card processing fees. Virtual currencies also offer another way for affiliates to earn commission payments – converting them into real-world currency at the end of each month. While all affiliate networks do not use this commission arrangement, it is an increasingly popular option within the industry due to its flexibility and convenience.

To Wrap Things Up

As you can see, there are many things to consider when choosing an affiliate network. However, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks if you research and find the right network. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start seeing the best affiliate networks for your business!

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