Best Segmetrics Alternatives in 2024

Well, you may be looking for the best segmetrics alternative. If that’s the case, you’re at the right place.

Segmetrics is undoubtedly one of the reliable online marketing tools. But it’s not everyone’s choice. It’s a challenging task to find the natural alternatives of segmetrics since there are hundreds of trusted marketing software available.

In this guide, we’ll show you the best alternatives for the segmetrics, where you will get all the essential features and marketing solutions.

5 Best Segmetrics Alternatives

Here they are –


As an online tracking and marketing tool, Weberlo has essential features and is one of the best UI. You will have all the tracked information and the best tools to optimize your marketing.

Even if you don’t have any previous knowledge, you can still do all the online advertising without facing any difficulties.

If you have Youtube, Website, and Other Social platforms, and you want to do marketing with the reliable and best software, Weberlo would be the best option.

It will give you the best user experience as well. This software is designed so that it doesn’t require any previous knowledge.

You can track the marketing campaign and use the data to make your decision more informed. Apart from that, the previously saved data will also help you run the targeted customer precisely.

When you have more options, you will have more confusion. The pricing of this software will also be reasonable compared to the quality features and other facilities. And it will become the best Segmetrics alternative in 2022.

Key Features

  • Call Tracking for E-commerce and Info products.
  • Easy to Track Ad
  • Uniquely Design Dashboard
  • Easy to Use Spreadsheets
  • Friendly User Interface (UI)
  • Know Your Traffic Source
  • Retargeting
  • Best Outcome Analysis
  • Easy to Convert Traffic to Dollars

Weberlo Pricing

Currently, their price is 299/Monthly. At first glance, it seemed overpriced compared to other marketing software.

But, you should consider the experience and the quality of the software. If budget is not your concern, you must consider using it as the best alternative to Segmetrics.

Another reason for the comparative pricing is their multi-service and best customer service. Though they don’t give you 24/7 customer service, they will provide quality service according to your needs.


Advertisement and adverity go together. You can say those complement each other. If you like custom-based marketing services and don’t have access to the entire software, Adverity would be the best choice.

You can give the required info and get the best-customized price and budget specially designed for you. Along with this, the Adverity will ensure the best access to the overall marketing sector.

You can boost a Facebook post; do Google, Youtube, and other social platforms marketing with this single tool. Moreover, this advertising software will give the best protection against data security.

If you like to get the best available data from different sources and platforms, Adverity will surely give you the best solutions. And you can get data from 600+ sources within a while, and it’s the best feature of using Adverity.

You will get different packages for different marketing purposes. It would be better to describe your requirements to them and then get the best-suggested plan. The customer service is 24/7, and they are very responsive.

Key Features

  • Easy to collect data from different sources.
  • Best customized pricing.
  • Perfect for individual and brand promotion.
  • Different marketing packages.
  • Easy to be compatible with all the social platforms.

Pricing Model

There is no fixed price for using Adverity. It entirely depends on your uses. You need to fill up their form and get the suggested price model.

It will give the best available and budget-friendly option regarding your asking services. It will be best if you optimize the packages as per your platforms.

Maybe you don’t need all digital platforms; in that case, figure out your desired one and then customize it according to your budget. There is no fixed-price project for you.


Here come the third-best alternatives to Segmetrics. Singular has become a trusted and reliable online marketing tool; it will give you all platforms’ solutions.

The previous two were web-based marketing solutions. But if you want to get marketing solutions for both android and ios along with the website.

You will also get a free trial to get ideas about their service quality and other issues. And the price also depends on your use areas.

If you want to use all the platforms, the price will be high, but you need to ask them about the price if you have specific platforms.

Moreover, Singular is also known for its targeted audience. They can target both mobile and web users. So, it’s the best platform to target the audience.

And the retargeting will be easier since they have an excellent database. All the information will be saved, and your task to make an ad project will be quicker.

Another great feature would be their customer service; you will enjoy the 24/7 online customer service. Apart from that, business hours and online Chat are also available.

So, you have all the access to online customer services. Along with that, the business hour is also available. So, you can call them and ask for their direct help.

Key Features

  • Online, business hours, and 24/7 chat are there for customer services.
  • Best pricing model depending on your requirements.
  • Compatible with all the platforms, including Mobile, Website, IOS, Android, and all Social Platforms.
  • Free Trial
  • In-person Training

Pricing Model

There are no fixed prices for using the Singular platform. You have to ask them about your requirements and operating areas.

Go to their site, then fill up the form telling your requirements. It will be better not to use unnecessary platforms that you don’t need any more.

Matomo Analyst

Do you need any reliable and pretty much similar services like Segmetrics? In that case, the Matomo Analyst would become a good choice for you.

It will give you the best and most reliable digital marketing services at a fixed price. One of the greatest signs of their customer product is 1.4 million websites.

Another notable fact of the Matomo Analyst is the platform’s compatibility. You will get a marketing plan and project for all the sources; you can do mobile and website marketing and campaign. Additionally, social media marketing is also possible with Matomo.

If you think that you need to change Segmetrics for social media and other platforms’ marketing, Matomo is, therefore you.

They will also give you online-based training on using their platforms like a professional. You will have both documentation and online videos regarding this digital platform.

You can do both video and poster-based marketing with this tool. It will give you the best solution according to your needs and targeted audience; you can segment your customer and reach them quickly with the perfect platform.

So, it’s not a big deal to target your audience. You need to choose the right platform and some real info about your targeted customers. Matomo will do the rest.

  • Key FeaturesStarting price is $19/month.
  • Both the social media platforms and web-based marketing options are there.
  • More optimized marketing campaign options.
  • Both Video & Info or Image campaign options are there.
  • Business hours & Online Chat are there for customer service.

Pricing Model

You will get both the free version and free trial option for this software. It will be better to use those free services and check their quality.

When you’re satisfied with their services, you may go for the $19/month services. Of course, the campaign cost is there. It depends on your requirements.

It’s our last recommended alternative to segmetrics. It offers the best marketing tool for tracking online sales and ordering through a customer-oriented ads campaign.

It will give you the best solutions regarding the big sale cycle. Especially for those who have a brand and want to track their campaign and the entire process more accurately to make an informed decision, DreamData should be their priority.

You can do a customized ad campaign and get your desired sales within a while. If budget is not a particular factor, and you want the best outcome from the digital platform, DreamData is there.

You can expect to increase the value of your brand. Therefore, they don’t have any free trial and practice sessions.

So, you have to purchase their service and get the experience from using that tool ideally. It might be a costly tool for the individual, but the brands can get the best result against their investment.

Key Features

  • Extensive cycle data analysis.
  • Increasing revenue against each ad campaign.
  • The price depends on your usage and tools.
  • Specially Designed for the Saas.
  • Friendly UI

Pricing Model

There are no fixed-priced services from DreamData. You have to let them know about your requirements, and then choose the best available and comfortable budget for you.

Closing Words

So, you know the best segmetrics alternatives. Now, it’s your choice to decide the best suitable one.

But the Weberlo would become the best choice in every sense. It will give you the most reliable and comfortable UI.

If budget is not a concern for you, and you look for an excellent alternative to the segmetrics, Weberlo is there. It will serve you the best.

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