Hyros vs Segmetrics: A comparative discussion in 2024

Spending thousands of dollars per month on online ads?

Still not getting enough reach?

Not satisfied with the results?

Are you looking for a solution of getting more accurate analytics, attribute leads, and sales to boost up your marketing strategy across your omnichannel platform? Then you have come to the right place.

Today we are going to see two of the best analyzing and tracking ad tools in the present market- Hyros and Segmetrics. Read the full article to know the details and comparison between them, and choose the best one for you accordingly. So let’s get started!

What is Hyros?

Hyros is a software tool that focuses on analyzing, tracking, and measuring the probability of any marketing campaign becoming successful through the customers’ activities through social media. This software mainly tracks your activities through your email, website visits, across all social media platforms.

Besides, it will provide you with an extensive customer details database about your clients if you want to get a more in-depth and accurate analysis of your customers. So you can easily get a clear insight about your ideal target market on which your company can invest all of their effort and energy.

There are also some other lucrative features such as tracking website visitors, tracking web activity of customers across devices, what products or services they are liking the most, etc. So this will obviously save your time by giving you the most accurate analysis in the shortest span of time.

What is Segmetrics?

Segmetrics is also a web-based software tool created for assisting marketers across all channels to get full analytics from various traffic sources from the targeted customer base. All of these can be done just from a single dashboard, reducing your workload and increasing the efficiency of your teamwork.

The marketing agencies that use Segmetrics can easily analyze campaigns, track various ad sources, get more visibility to both old and new customers to expand the connectivity. Besides, data visualization, campaign management, website analytics, performance metrics, keyword tracking are the key features of this tool.

This platform will also help you to have advanced lead score reposting by identifying the glitch and the worst performing emails and supporting new marketing channels.

There is a customer LTV module which will help your managers to track the ROI of leads and utilize them to attract new customers by filtering countries, states, or cities.

What type of business can be benefitted from Hyros or Segmetrics?

Hyros or Segmetrics both can be game-changer in your marketing strategy if you can use them correctly. Let’s find out which businesses will get more benefit from these.

  • It is seen that these kinds of tools are useful when you can use them on clients who are in the E-commerce space because this will help them to understand the customer behavior across all platforms.
  • These tools are very reliable to attract potential customers through ads.
  • Businesses who use cold calling or high ticket phone call funnels to attract customers can use these tools for better success.
  • As high ticket phone calls, funnels have a higher rate of sales cycles, so tracking customers’ activities for a longer period of time is really necessary in this case. So these tools can be the life savior for you.
  • If your company does various types of paid marketing through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, or even through Email, then these tools might the best assistant for you.
  • Besides, using these can progress your Omnichannel marketing strategy.

What kind of revenue mark does a company need to have for using these tools?

Generally, smaller companies do not need these kinds of tools. But if you are making more than $60k revenue per month and if you are thinking of increasing your sales by scaling up the ad spend, and also if you have multiple omnichannel ads to take care of, then you should switch to these tools.

If you are running high ticket call funnels then you should incorporate this software to boost up your marketing team. Because here the conversation or sales actually takes place over phone calls so these tools might be of great help!

Key Benefits of Using Hyros:

  • It tracks conversions and clicks.
  • It calculates your LTV according to your need.3.
  • You can track efficiently and it is based on 10 points.
  • It gives you an efficient way to tie conversions with the target audience.
  • You can increase almost 60% of your sales than other tracking methods.
  • You can view your traffic sources through a single central hub.
  • You get detailed reports and select which ads will give you the best ROI.
  • Your ad cost will decrease to an extent.
  • It allows you to identify the target audience through ads that bring in the most profits.
  • It provides you with a single source of data accumulated from different sources.

Key Benefits of using Segmetrics:

  • You can target your desired audience more efficiently.
  • Through its attribution modeling, you can easily track ads and utilize data to make a stronger marketing strategy.
  • You can engage and manage the campaign precisely.
  • It has a cross-channel attribution feature, which will help you work across various social media platforms all at once.
  • It will track the conversations and will help you to marketize your product or service accordingly.
  • You can easily map the whole customer journey through this.
  • You can easily export or import data and connect them to build up a strategy.
  • It has a customizable dashboard that will allow working fully at your pace.
  • You can set a goal and work and track your progress accordingly.
  • It will provide you a financial reporting and marketing report.

How does SegMetrics Compare to Hyros?

If you want to know about which one might be the best or how do they differ from each other, then continue to read.

  • Way of Subscription: Hyros is basically an invite-only platform in the first place. So if any marketers or any business entity want to use Hyros then he will need to apply for the subscription at first. On the other hand, for using Segmetrics you don’t need to apply first; it is open to everyone.
  • Tracking ROI: Hyros, as well as Segmetrics both, can track ROI from their own source for as long as you want, even for years. This will allow you to understand how much time and money you should spend to gain a new customer because it will give you a true Customer Lifetime Value metric.
  • Comparing the Funnel Points: Hyros will show you the different campaigns and sources that contributed to your revenue so that you can decide whether you should continue in this way or you should change your way. But Segmetrics gives you more specified details. It will help you to portray any step in your marketing funnel to the bottom line such as did the campaign increased the sales and also how each sale increased or decreased the revenue.
  • Creating ideal cohorts to check and utilize the data: Segmetrics will help you to find the target customer fast by detecting the group segments which show where they come from and what they do. You can also check if your customer has seen your webinar video and can also collect the necessary data. Whereas, Hyros will help you to see data according to your need by your goal, campaign, or source.
  • Creating pre-defined reports and an ideal dashboard: Hyros will make you well pre-defined reports by using pre-defined metrics and will help you to see the thorough data of analyzed data by column sets and groupings. But with Segmetrics you can create your own personalized dashboard. Besides, it will also make a performance overview and you can even set up an email for each week or month.
  • Sales and calls: Hyros will allow you to monitor your upfront and LTV sales performance from paid ads. So this tool mainly focuses on sales and calls. Whereas, Segmetrics focuses on both retention and sales. You will be able to see a detailed report on how each touchpoint affects subscriber churn, repetitive purchases, monthly revenue per segment, or lifetime value. This will help you to detect the high and low-performing cohorts. This will assist you to make a decision on how to improve your marketing strategy.
  • Analyzing past and present data: Through Hyros you will be able to click and store data only from day one, that is from the days you will start using Hyros. But Segmetrics can easily import data from any integration from any day, so you can use that data to make better decisions starting today.
  • Way of Tracking: Hyros uses a pixel data-based lead tracking method which sometimes might be interrupted by ad blockers, which can decrease your efficiency. But Segmetrics works in a different way in this case. Segmetrics will combine your data from CRM integration and your emails to track the activities of pages and links through a first-party cookie solution.
  • Work at your own pace or get on a demo? : The only way to start using Hyros is that you will have to get added through invite. And this tool only works with a business of certain industries or a certain size. But Segmetrics does both DFY and DIY services. They will also provide services to train up your team and will also assist you to set up the whole process. Then you can easily create your own ways to create an efficient marketing strategy.


So you have got a clear idea about Hyros and Segmetrucs, right? Both are better in their own way. Now it’s your time to decide which one you should go for. These tools will help you to reach your goals in an optimum way. So don’t waste your time and get started!

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