How To Use Affiliate Link Tracking To Boost Your Sales

There are plenty of benefits to using your own link tracking software to track your affiliate links.

The first and most obvious – to know you’re not somehow being scammed by your affiliate company.

But the benefits go much deeper. From saving time to making way more money, using a free affiliate link tracking software can make your life so much easier. Dare I say it could help you live that “best life” you’re searching for?

Traveling the world and living it up, without worrying about money.

Well, all dreams start somewhere.

Introduction To UTMs

If you don’t know yet, a UTM is a piece of code that you attach to your page links.

Quick example…

You’ve got a YouTube channel. You’re using it to attract and send followers to your website.

But you’re also running PPC ads and have a Facebook page. So, the problem?

You don’t know which source is getting the most valuable traffic. So you create UTM links for all three sources, replace the links and voila – from now on you know exactly where your traffic is coming from.

Which means you can calculate how well each source is converting too.

If you’d like to learn more about UTMs, this blog post is a great place to start. And this post has a link builder you can use for free – and even more info on UTMs.

So How Will UTMs Help Me?

It’s important to know that setting up your UTMs, depending on how many links you have, can take up a TON of time.

Which is why we also offer to set everything up for you – and a ton more (more info here).

But once everything is set up you’ll know exactly which of your sources are working best. So you can cut wasted time, try new things and ultimately boost your sales.

You’ll also gain valuable insights into how your users behave – if your UTMs are set up correctly. Which means you can personalize content to form a deeper connection with your followers / leads. And engaged, connected leads convert way easier.

Back when I started using UTMs, we ended up saving 11 hours a week for the company I used to work for.

That’s crazy, right?

You could be spending anywhere between 2-20 hours a week on stuff that just isn’t working. And in order to find that time and better repurpose it, UTMs are the answer.

How To Use UTMs

Here’s a quick step by step to help you get started with your UTMs.

Step 1: Grab your page link, pop it into a link builder (like the one we have here) and grab the UTM link.

Step 2: Remember to add your source to each link – and keep it standard. The last thing you want is messy reporting at the end of your cycle (monthly? weekly?)

Step 3: Take your UTM link to a shortener like Bitly and cut it down (not necessary if you’re using Weberlo’s web app – it’s got an automatic shortener)

Step 4: Paste your new links into your sources, and you’re ready to go.

Step 5: Check your results and adapt your strategy accordingly – so you can hit that next level in your business.

Follow that checklist and you can’t lose!

But My Affiliate Sales Are Already Being Tracked?

That’s true. But are the sources being tracked?

Do you know where those sales are coming from, so you know where to push harder and where to let go?

That’s the main idea behind tracking page views with the help of UTMs. It’s so you can find out what’s working best for conversions, and hammer on that more. And then also find the sources that simply aren’t working for you – and stop wasting time on them.

UTMs are also handy for split tests.

At the end of the day, UTMs help you to become more efficient at roping in those sales. So you can make higher profits and spend less time getting there.

How Do I Get Started With UTMs?

My recommendation would be for you to check out Weberlo. It’s free for up to 10k clicks.

There’s also an automatic link shortener included, so there’s less time wasted having to switch between platforms.

Simply create your UTM inside Weberlo, grab the shortened link and slap it into your sources.

Then wait and see what’s performing the best for you.

You can get Weberlo here.

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