RevContent vs Taboola – What are the Differences?

Whether you want Paid Search Marketing (PPC) for a startup company or an established business, you have to find the right tool that serves your marketing purpose. Since you are here, you know there is a continuous debate over the best bet between RevContent and Taboola.

You must be asking which one is better software between RevContent vs Taboola? Well, the answer is not as straightforward as you expect.

They both have their perks and drawbacks. The choice depends on what you want to gain from the software you choose.

Sounds a little confusing? Don’t worry. We’ll discuss these two tools in detail, including their key features, share their advantages and disadvantages, and help you understand the difference to make the right decision.

An Overview of RevContent

RevContent is one of the top growing cloud-based content marketing solutions to help your business publish digital content across relevant platforms to reach your target audience.

RevContent supports medium or large-sized companies that have already created a foothold in the market. It allows you to interact with the right audiences, enhance your website’s reach and track revenue streams.

RevContent works with selective partners and has strict requirements for advertisers and publishers. RevContent is primarily famous in the Tier 1 countries, including USA and UK.

They try to maintain high-quality standards and partner with websites with a general monthly visit of 50,000. Some of the biggest publishers partnered with RevContent are Nasdaq, Forbes, NBC News, CBS, and more.

On average, RevContent’s content recommendation network powers a monthly content recommendation of around 200 billion. Their content partners frequently gain two times higher RPMs compared to their alternatives.

Key Features

RevContent specializes in Advertising, Targeting, Content Marketing, and Consumer Engagement. They have various features that make them outstanding as a solution for your companies’ websites.

Here are some of the critical features of RevContent:

Advantages of Using RevContent

Being a native cloud-based website content marketing software with very selective partners, RevContent is very careful about its execution. As a result, RevContent ensures an enriched traffic generation for websites.

They target audiences more granularly by location, language, and devices. Their ads reach approximately 97% of households in the United States.

Once you decide to work with RevContent, you’ll face a simple approval process and get access to the user interface that is easy to use and navigate.

RevContent has responsive widgets for publishers to help adjust to any screen size. In addition, based on your device type, content performance, and website section, they provide real-time performance metrics.

RevContent is considered better in terms of revenue generation by most publishers. They have an Average RPM between $0.5 to $5. In addition, their Ads have shown a higher customer turnover ratio and ensure a 50% ROI from the advertisements.

RevContent is famous for its revenue generation, returns on investment (ROI), and user engagement with a 150% more performance value than its competitors.

Disadvantages of Using RevContent

One of the drawbacks of using RevContent for your advertisements is that you cannot add multiple contents at once.

RevContent sets some restrictions for its advertisers and publishers. For example, they are very selective about the quality of the applications. They also have a rigid limit of $100 on the minimum daily budget.

An Overview of Taboola

Taboola is the largest native advertising and content discovery platform designed to provide new, engaging, and relevant solutions for publishers to reach the target audiences.

Publishers use this platform to monetize their websites through native advertising, reach more audiences, and enrich engagement with users.

With native ads, it helps users discover new and relevant content. In addition, the users get a content recommendation based on their browsing pattern, interest, and behavior.

Taboola reads the users’ content consumption patterns. As a result, the platform will help promote your business by engaging with your audience when they will likely receive new messages, services, and products.

Unlike many competitor platforms, Taboola prioritizes user experience by allowing users to filter and block content. As a result, it is best for publishers seeking a mobile web monetization solution.

They offer personalized content recommendations within a customized widget within your website. The device can be on top, side, or bottom of a feed.

Taboola helps businesses of all sizes, including small startups, medium businesses, and large enterprises.

Taboola is widely popular for its algorithmic innovation around video. They are used in many websites and lead in arts and entertainment, news and media, computers, electronics and technology, and more.

It is the leading content discovery solution in more than 162 countries, including the United States, Taiwan, Italy, Frace, etc.

In addition, they manage and recommend content across the world’s leading websites, including NBC News, The Weather Channel, Yahoo!, Daily Mail, and more.

Key Features

Taboola provides many advertising solutions for publishers, including reaching audiences, improving engagement, and helping monetize content.

Here are the key features that make Taboola the most significant content discovery and advertising platform:

  • Retargeting
  • Predictive Engine
  • Always In Control
  • Revenue From Native Advertising
  • Maintains Editorial Control
  • Targeting
  • Monetizes Your Site
  • Reporting
  • Reaches Massive Audiences

Advantages of Using Taboola

One of the pros of using Taboola is that it is beneficial for publishers seeking solutions for mobile web monetization. The platform focuses on native advertising and has templates suitable for mobile web monetization.

It ensures targeting the correct audience segmentation and retargeting. It also allows publishers to track traffic on the website and the conversion rates.

Taboola is famous for its capability to build awareness across various platforms and helps your business reach your target market. With its vast audience reach, it can help create engagement.

Their application ensures enriched user engagement and keeps them returning to your site. Not just that, Taboola keeps its users’ interest in consideration and allows them to filter and block contents they wish to avoid.

Taboola is more cost-effective than many of its alternative platforms, including Facebook and Google. But, at its price, it offers excellent value and runs campaigns successfully for months or years.

It provides actionable editorial insights, alerts, and A/B testing for publishers. Taboola also ensures a positive return on investment (ROI), keeps audiences for longer on your site, and enables you to track revenue per visit.

Disadvantages of Using Taboola

There are a few drawbacks that arise with Taboola. One of which is their unorganized user interface.

However, it is not a complaint; publishers new to the platform may face difficulty navigating the forum. It also requires plenty of testing.

Another downside is that they have no free trial option available.

RevContent vs Taboola – Which One is Better?

Keeping all the advantages and disadvantages aside, you can use both platforms to achieve your content marketing and native advertising solution. Nonetheless, the outcome will vary depending on the purpose of your use.

To help you make a clear decision, we will list down differences in the essential attributes that set the two platforms apart.

Minimum Traffic Requirements

RevContent will accept your applications only if you have 3 million page views a month. Below that, they will reject your application; they reject 98% of their applications.

Furthermore, RevContent is very strict about its application selections as they will not compromise the quality of work and website.

Therefore, it is not an easy task to join with RevContent unless you are a publisher with the potential to penetrate the premium level.

Taboola is quite flexible in this case. You need to have 1 million monthly page views to join with them.

However, they will be relaxed and consider publishers with lower page views if they promise quality content and gain more views.

Ad Quality

RevContent will not compromise the quality; hence they are rigid with their selections. The look and feel of their content are much better, and they don’t look like spam content.

Taboola is more flexible, allowing publishers to advertise their content. As a result, their ads look more genuine and prompt.


RevContent’s accurate pricing information is not available to the public. They will share the pricing range only upon request. RevContent allows payment through check and PayPal.

Taboola is expensive compared to RevContent. The Pricing for Taboola starts at $300 per month.

Revenue Share

RevContent takes only 20% revenue share from the advertisers. It allows its publisher to gain 80% of the bidding cost of a click from advertisers.

Taboola demands a 50% revenue share from the advertisers’ bidding cost for a click. However, the price range may be too high for some advertisers.

Final Words

Although RevContent and Taboola have some similarities, they also have various attributes to offer. In addition, each has its unique features that make them the better choice for your company.

There isn’t a definite winner between RevContent vs Taboola. Ultimately it comes down to your preference. Hopefully, our overview of each and the differences were insightful and will help you pick your best bet.

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