Taboola vs Outbrain: Which is the Best for Digital Advertising Platforms?

You might want to get quality traffic and true customers to your website or business platforms as a digital content creator.

In that case, digital platforms like Taboola & Outbrain might be your ultimate choice due to their true essence of marketing.

It becomes challenging to decide the best advertising platforms since they all give similar services. That’s where the Taboola vs Outbrain decision comes in. They have all the required and proven ad strategies which will work out for you.

But the fact is, you have to decide on any of them and make it wisely. It seems complicated, right? No worries, we will cover up what you need to decide which one would be the best choice for you.

An Overview of Taboola

Taboola is an online web-based advertising platform. It provides social media platforms like Facebook and attracts most readers to scroll through the articles and spend more time on other related topics.

In addition, Taboola will also advertise your content on popular websites to bring quality readers and traffic to your site.

Taboola is a single-user platform for authors and publishers. It’s a more budget-friendly way to increase sales and generate more profit.

The price will vary from the platform. You can choose mobile ads, Desktop Ads, or both; it depends entirely on your budget.

Key Features

Taboola has some distinct features that help this brand get a competitive advantage over its rival Outbrain. These features will help you decide which platform you should choose.

Let’s have a closer look at the key features of Taboola.

  • Retargeting
  • Monetizing Your Websites
  • Getting Targeted Customers.
  • Control Ads
  • Native Advertisements
  • Predictive Engines

They are the best features of Taboola; you will find more in the row. For example, you can target a massive audience if you have enough budgets and get huge traffic on your site. In that case, Taboola will show your ads to the publisher’s website that already has millions of traffic.

Advantages of Using Taboola

Since Taboola has become a reliable online-based digital ad platform, you can enjoy some advantages. First, Taboola has some pre-made mobile templates for you.

You can edit them as you want, and then, they will be ready to use on social platforms or your targeted publishers. It’s a great advantage since you can save time and extra cost on making such templates.

Additionally, the target audience and segmentation will play a crucial role here. Using Taboola will decide your targeted customers; of course, the Taboola algorithm will help you do it better.

Apart from that, retargeting will become a matter of click. You can use your previously saved data and command Taboola to retarget the audience.

When you go for the vast and massive audience reach, you will do that well than anyone else.

The Taboola will help you suggest the best audience based on your existing segmentation. It will be a nice trick to brand awareness by targeting a vast audience.

Increasing sales is another great advantage of using Taboola. If you have concerns about growing sales and getting more profit, Taboola is the best online ad platform for you. It will ensure that you get the best profit out of their ads.

Disadvantage of Using Taboola

Taboola has tremendous advantages that force people to use this ad platform for their website. But it has some drawbacks or disadvantages as well.

One of the biggest cons of using Taboola is UI issues. If you are not familiar with the Taboola UI, it might be challenging to get through it and understand the entire UI within a while. It becomes unbearable when you want to create ads and use social platforms.

Another disadvantage of using Taboola is the trial. Typically, we get some free trials using online services or other platforms. It helps us to make things clear, and we can decide whether the platform is suitable for me or not.

Here, Taboola won’t give you any free trial. You have to invest and experience their services.

An Overview of Outbrain

Being a native advertisement online platform, Outbrain has a reliable customer base worldwide.

It is one of the most successful digital ad platforms for the big giants like Lewis, Inc, Cision Ltd, and other international brands. You can also use these successful websites to show your ads if you can afford them.

Mainly, Outbrain focuses more on brand value rather than just increasing profit. If you have a brand and want to create value for that, Outbrain is just the best option for you. They will promote your brand globally and will ensure profit as well.

You can customize the ads using their friendly UI design. And, also the experience will be top-notch. We will talk about it in the sections below.

Key Features

As we said, Outbrain is the most successful web-based native ad platform. It ensures high-quality ads to the best-suited website.

However, some key features make these digital ad platforms a great choice for brands. They are:

  • Customizable ads
  • Fixed Targeted Customer/Traffic
  • Increasing Brand Value
  • Easy to Use UI
  • Native Advertising
  • Both video & Image Ads facilities.

I added only the top six critical features of Outbrain. But there are more you can count.

Advantages of Using Outbrain

Outbrain will give you the best ad-creating tools and other related services. You can either follow their strategy or make a video ad or image to use on the publisher’s website.

Or, you can manually make your video and customize it in better ways. Outbrain customer support is always there to give you the best advice, and it is the best advantage of using Outbrain.

Apart from that, you can also choose the platforms or the websites you want to show your ads. If you get help from the outbrain, they will also give you the best and most appropriate suggestion.

They ensure that your ads and PPC get the desirable clicks and returns. It becomes a crucial fact while showing online ads.

Another great advantage of using Outbrain is its UI. You will never struggle to set up your profile and create the ads.

They make it easier for you, and the user experience is top-notch. And you know how crucial it is to use a friendly interface to make the best quality ads.

Again, Outbrain will increase the overall brand value by creating an online image for you.

Your ads will appear before millions of users, and they will get to know about your brand. Eventually, you will get more traffic, converting you into your regular customers.

Disadvantage of Using Outbrain

Although Outbrain has lots of advantages, it has some disadvantages as well. First, the process is very costly. If you look at the Taboola, you will get the difference.

This native ad platform will mainly create ads that will help you increase your brand value. Profit is not a significant concern for the ads providers.

Another fact is the profitability. Increasing profit by increasing sales would become your ultimate reason for investing in ads. But here, the process is rigorous, and you may not get the optimum profit as you expected.

Taboola vs Outbrain: 5 Major Differences

Five major differences are there between Taboola vs Outbrain. Since they are both online ad platforms and spread the contents virtually, you won’t find any algorithm or core differences between them. Stick, some concerning facts differentiate these two.

Let’s look at them and make decisions wisely.

Customer Service

The first difference that you will figure out between Taboola vs. Outbrain is Customer Service. Taboola is more systematic.

You have to wait for their schedule, and it will take time. Previously, the process was more difficult. It was quite impossible to contact them over the mobile phone.

Time has changed; Taboola upgraded its customer service responsiveness. You can now directly call them or go to their office and consult with them.

On the other hand, Outbrain has always been very responsive to its customers since the start. They help their customers to set up the best ads that will work for them.

You can either call them via mobile or set up a virtual video meeting or chat with the customer service agent within a while.

They are very helpful and will give you the best suggestion. If you are confused about your ads, budget, or anything, they will help you overcome it soon.

User Interface

UI is always a crucial factor for online platforms. Your customer satisfaction is more likely dependent on the user experience. A friendly UI design helps a company to get the ultimate success.

If you compare the UI of Taboola with Outbrain, you will see a clear picture of the UI. Outbrain UI is more friendly than Taboola. Outbrain is always concerned with their customer since brands are more likely to go for their ads platforms.

On the other hand, Taboola is also trying to make its UI user-friendly. But their UI was a bit difficult to sort out.

Pricing Model

You will find another difference between these two digital ad platforms: the pricing model. The Taboola will cost around $0.06 cost per click for desktop ads. On the other hand, it will cost $0.03-$0.04 CPC for the mobile platforms.

Looking at Outbrain, you will find a similar pricing model, but it’s more budget-friendly. It charges 0.05 for the Desktop ads and $0.03 for mobile platforms.

Quality & Experience

Quality and Experience will differ from these two platforms. If you use Taboola, it will give you the readymade templates to make your ads. It might be helpful to make your ads inclusively. But the UI might seem a bit difficult to you.

On the other hand, the Outbrain will give you the best experience depending on your target customers or audience.

They will suggest what to focus on and how you should make the entire ad. Additionally, the UI will assist in performing all the activities you want without facing any difficulties.

Final Thoughts

We talked about Taboola vs Outbrain and their key differences. Also, you should have all the required info to make a sound decision. If you have any more queries, we recommend re-reading the guide again.

In a nutshell, Taboola is an excellent choice for the individual website; if you have a brand and you want to promote it to create a brand value, Outbrain is a perfect choice for you.

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