Anytrack vs Hyros: Which One is Better?

Ad tracking across multiple traffic sources is a massive problem for many digital marketers. AnyTrack and Hyros are fantastic tools that have attempted to solve this problem.

Both these tools have made waves in the digital marketing industry. But which one of them is better for you? We’ll attempt to answer that question in this Anytrack vs Hyros guide.

So, let’s begin.

Overview of Hyros

Hyros was founded by Alex Cooper, who is a digital marketer himself. He was a media buyer who spent over $10K monthly on ad networks.

Well, he wanted a tool to track ads across multiple platforms. He couldn’t find a user’s solution for a conversion tracking platform that fit his requirements. So he created Hyros.

Hyros is for large businesses that spend at least $10K on ads and have revenue of at least $40K per month. It’s an invite-only platform where you can book a call to use their services.

One of their team members will jump on the call with you and outline a custom plan based on your needs.

The pricing of Hyros varies depending on the size of your business. Their website does not mention their pricing because they charge the buyers differently. Moreover, there is no free trial period for Hyros.

The good thing about Hyros is that it has a 90-day refund guarantee. So, you can test Hyros for 90 days and see if it is the right solution for you.

The best feature of Hyros is its exceptional customer service. Hyros has a fantastic customer service team dedicated to providing quality service. The support team at Hyros is amicable and helps the customer support team of Hyros is the best among all the ad attribution tools.

They take a proactive approach to solving customer queries. They’re experts who help solve your problems quickly.

Features of Hyros

Accurate Ad Tracking

The accuracy of the ad tracking of Hyros is excellent. The website of Hyros claims that you can see exactly which ads generated sales in your company.

Hyros collects data from multiple eligible touchpoints. That’s why their data is more reliable than Facebook or Google Analytics, which only collects data from a single source.

Hyros uses the data it collects from multiple sources to create a customer profile. This data is also used to calculate the lifetime value of a customer. Having so many data collection points helps them to track customer data accurately.

As they use IP addresses as a data collection point, they can track the user even if the email address or the user’s device is changed.

Email Tracking

You’d be able to track the ROI of your email marketing campaigns with Hyros. Hyros can easily integrate with most of the famous email marketing tools and many tools that affiliate marketers use.

You can set up an email tracking service with Hyros very quickly. Their email tracking service will help you differentiate between the results from paid traffic and organic email.

Long Term Tracking

Hyros can track your customer over a long period. Their website claims:

That they’ll be able to track your customer even if they:

  1. Change their email address
  2. Change their log-in devices
  3. Book a call with you after a year.

Call Tracking

You must paste a code in your website’s header, and Hyros will start tracking your call data. Hyros integrates with all the popular scheduling tools in the market.

Advantages of Hyros

  • You can track traffic from multiple sources using Hyros.
  • You can track calls using Hyros.
  • Hyros has a 90-day refund guarantee if you are unhappy with their services.
  • You can track your customers over a long period using Hyros.
  • Hyros collects customer data from ten data points to keep accurate information about your customers.
  • You can calculate the lifetime value of the customer using Hyros.
  • Hyros has an excellent customer support team.

Disadvantages of Hyros

  • Hyros isn’t transparent about its pricing.
  • It’s an invite-only platform.
  • You need to spend more than $10K monthly to use Hyros.
  • It’s not the ideal solution for small E-Commerce businesses.
  • Hyros is more expensive compared to the other ad attribution tools.
  • There are some privacy issues with Hyros as you’ve to share essential data with them.
  • Hyros doesn’t provide any clarification of word print tracking means.

Overview of AnyTrack

Anytrack is a conversion tracking and activation tool designed for small media buyers. Does Anytrack use simple codes to track your customer data?

It’s great if you have traffic from multiple sources. It can easily separate organic and paid traffic. AnyTrack is exceptional at identifying which of your ad campaigns are the most successful.

You can get started with Anytrack for free as they have a 14-day trial period. Anytrack only uses a single line of code you need to install in the website’s header.

This simple single line of code allows Anytrack to track your customers accurately. It’ll track all customer engagement that takes place on your website.

Features of AnyTrack

One Tag Set Up

Setting up Anytrack is super simple. You only have to paste a single line of code, and you can get started with Anytrack. You get access to real-time data if you’re using Anytrack.

Ad Network Tracking

You can track your ad data from multiple traffic sources using Anytrack. Anytrack integrates well with Facebook and Google Ads. You’d be able to see your conversion data accurately using Anytrack.

Anytrack will also feed this data back to Google or Facebook ads. You’ll know which ad campaigns generated the best output for you. You can study these results to make better ad campaigns in the future.


You can link your affiliate website to Anytrack using the auto-tag feature. If the user makes a purchase, Anytrack will track him.

Anytrack can send the information back to your Analytics even if the user changes his device.

Flexible Pricing

Anytrack comes at different price changes depending on the needs of the user. They have a 14-day trial period for their customers, which is free.

You can use this trial version to understand how it works. Their monthly subscription starts from $50 a month and can go up to $300 per month.

Advantages of AnyTrack

  • Anytrack is an excellent value-for-money investment.
  • It’s quick and easy to set up.
  • Anytrack starts from just $50 a month and is very affordable.
  • It’s an exceptional solution for small E-Commerce businesses.
  • Anytrack collects first-party data.
  • It’s compliant with all privacy laws.

Disadvantages of AnyTrack

  • Anytrack isn’t the right solution for large businesses.
  • You’re not going to get customized service using Anytrack.
  • It doesn’t have the best customer service in the industry.

AnyTrack vs Hyros – Which One Should You Get?

Anytrack and Hyros provide similar services and serve the same market. But there are some factors you should consider before choosing which one is the best for you.

Quality of Service

Comparing Hyros and Anytrack would be like comparing a custom-tailored suit with a ready-made one.

The difference between Hyros and Anytrack lies in the quality of their service. Hyros has a very enthusiastic customer support team dedicated to solving your problems.

On the other hand, Anytrack has a great ready-made solution for you. Their team won’t be as active and helpful as Hyros. It is simple to understand.

Anytrack is priced a lot cheaper, and they’re serving more customers. Hence, they won’t be able to get back to you as quickly as Hyros.


Before we put Hyros on a pedestal, we need to realize that the impeccable customer service of Hyros comes at a pretty high price. Anytrack is cheaper than Hyros and does the same job on a smaller scale.

Anytrack starts at $50 per month, whereas Hyros begins at $500 per month. Hyros isn’t an option for you if you’re a small business.

You need to spend $10K on ads to start with Hyros. If you don’t have a large clientele and require an ad attribution tool, get Anytrack.

Compliance with Privacy Laws

A significant issue with Hyros is their ignorance of privacy laws. Hyros requires you to share crucial data to use their services. A lot of businesses won’t feel comfortable doing that.

If you want to get started with an ad attribution tool, Anytrack would be the perfect tool for you.

See if it helps you optimize your ads better and increase your revenue. You can switch to Hyros later on if you need better customer service.

The Scale of Your Business

AnyTrack is the right solution for you if you’re a small business. If you’re a large business and spend over five figures each month on ads, Hyros is the right solution for you.

You should choose AnyTrack over Hyros if:

  • You’re a small business, and you cannot afford Hyros.
  • Getting started quickly is essential for you.
  • You’re using multiple traffic sources.
  • You don’t need exceptional customer service for the time being.

Likewise, you should choose Hyros over AnyTrack if:

  • You have a large business, and you require an ad attribution tool.
  • Getting traffic from many sources
  • Spending over $10K each month on ads.
  • You want a customized solution for your business.
  • Want a dedicated customer support team to help solve your problems as quickly as possible.

Final Words

We’ve attempted to cover all the details of Anytrack and Hyros in this Anytrack vs Hyros guide. The final decision will always be yours about which one will be the ideal solution for you.

We’d like to ask you if you genuinely require an ad attribution tool or not. If you don’t have multiple traffic sources, you don’t need it. Don’t just get on the hype train and get it because everyone else is using it.

If you’re sure that getting a tool to track your conversions is the right way, follow the guide and get the one best suited for your needs.

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