JVZoo vs ClickBank – Which is the Best?

Affiliate marketing has been viral among brands and marketers to drive sales and bring significant online revenue. However, while researching the best affiliate marketing platforms, you must have stumbled upon JVZoo and ClickBank.

ClickBank has been at the top of the affiliate marketing scene for quite some time now. JVZoo, on the other hand, has gained a lot of attention since it launched.

You must be curious about the best software for affiliate marketing between JVZoo vs ClickBank. Well, they are both specialized in digital services and serve similar audiences.

They both have pretty impressive features, which may be somewhat similar. However, they also have their differences. In this guide, we’ll overview each platform, its pros and cons, and highlights the key differences to making an intelligent decision.

An Overview of JVZoo

JVZoo launched in 2011 when the affiliate marketing industry was crucial as the primary digital marketing platform went downhill; it was none other than ClickBank. Developers of JVZoo saw a scope and designed the software to help marketers boost their business.

JVZoo has over 800k affiliates and has worked together to sell over 18 million units of products. On average, users of JVZ make around 6085 sales each day.

JVZoo acts as a middleman in industries by connecting potential affiliates to vendors in a business. JVZoo helps track which referral leads to sales.

In addition, they allow vendors to list their new products and help affiliates find products that match their promotional interests.

So how does JVZoo help them? They tag customers with a cookie when they visit a vendor’s page. It will help identify who sent the customer to that page.

JVZoo does not charge you to become an affiliate.

Not just that, they also provide you with a bunch of statistics to help you track your campaign.

Key Features

As we mentioned earlier, JVZoo is free to join. Whether you join as an affiliate or vendor, JVZoo will allow you to sell unlimited products from one account.

JVZoo offers an array of products you can use to grow your business online successfully. Here are some of the noteworthy features of JVZoo you can use:

  • Instant Auto Affiliation: You can list your product and immediately start recruiting affiliates. JVZoo will also make payments to affiliates instantly after the sale, making the affiliate commission payment process safer and more straightforward.
  • Unlimited Sale: There is no limit to the number of products you can sell per day.
  • Delivery Protection: It saves you time and money by immediately delivering products for you.
  • Profit-Sharing: JVZoo instantly pays all JV partners for the transactions.
  • Drop & Click Sales Funnels: Make conversion crushing sales funnels with an easy drop and click function.
  • Dime Sale Tech: Automatically track and update sales in real-time with countdown buttons.
  • Trusted Payment Processors: They make payments through PayPal, Stripe, BlueSnap, and Authorize.net.
  • Searchable Marketplace: JVZoo allows you to find the best products to promote with EPC and real-time conversion so you can learn what to expect from the promotional campaign.
  • Sales Notification: With instant notifications, you will get an email upon each sale.
  • Affiliate Reports: You can track all information from clicks, sales, percentages, EPCs to tracking IDs from the affiliate reports.

Apart from the above mentioned, JVZoo also offers the following:

  • Recurring Payments
  • Automatic Bonus Delivery
  • One Affiliate Link
  • Seamless Integration
  • Vendor Cookies
  • 2-Tier Affiliate Commissions
  • Tracking & Statistics
  • Never Go Out Of Pocket
  • Instant Commissions
  • Personal JVZooPay Account
  • List Building Technology
  • Ad Manager Plugin/Widget
  • Handle Taxes
  • Business Safety
  • Real-Time Tracking

JVZoo sure is a complete package with its extensive list of offerings. However, like all, they too have some drawbacks and benefits to their platform.

Advantages of JVZoo

We already know JVZoo is a promising platform, and here is why:

JVZoo is popular with plenty of known marketers who use the platform to promote their products.

It shows that it is one of the most trusted platforms, or big clients would not choose to support them.

JVZoo is best for software developers or technical product promoters as the platform is full of digital products.

They offer great commission rates to their affiliates, starting from 50% to 100%. They also pay the commissions instantly.

Whether you join as an affiliate or vendor, JVZoo offers quick signup that they instantly approve.

It is fast and straightforward to create affiliate links, and they let you sell unlimited products from one account. Most users were impressed by their knowledgeable and quick support system.

Disadvantages of JVZoo

Among all the great reviews, there are still some downsides to the platform:

Their account activation process has received some severe backlash and requires some adjustment.

They have some questionable products and some “dead” products in their database. Hence, they need to work on their inventory management.

An Overview of ClickBank

ClickBank is an affiliate marketing network serving leading affiliate marketers, innovative product owners, and early adopter shoppers.

For over 20 years, they have been the trusted source for marketers in 190 countries with over $4 billion in sales.

ClickBank is a platform for people worldwide to promote their digital and physical products for customers to help them reach their professional or personal goals.

The platform is an eCommerce growth engine. Product owners place their products on ClickBank Marketplace to generate sales. It is a cost-effective and straightforward solution for sellers.

ClickBank Marketplaces promotes and sells compliant products worldwide while ensuring the affiliates get paid on time. They have been successful at turning window shoppers into buyers without interruption.

ClickBank offers an impressive solution for marketers worldwide to earn money online by providing relevant and irresistible offers. They also help marketers track their sales and ensure timely payment.

Key Features

ClickBank offers various functional features that attract all vendors, affiliates, and shoppers to their platform. As a result, their trusted service has successfully maintained a good image in the affiliate network market.

Here are some of the functions offered by ClickBank that has made them one of the leading affiliate networks:

  • Vendor Account: Set up a vendor account on ClickBank and enlist your products using the Product Editor. Once they approve your products, shoppers can buy them.
  • Affiliate Account: It is easy and free to set up your affiliate account with ClickBank.
  • Fraud Protection: ClickBank protects you from unnecessary fraud charges and cad affiliates. They will also take care of the tax remittance on your behalf.
  • Attract Affiliates: List and create marketplace assets to promote your products to potential buyers by updating your ClickBank Marketplace.
  • Order Form: Their 99.99% Uptime Order Form reliefs you from the stress of curtailing order forms and payment processing.
  • Tracking and Paying: ClickBank will take care of tracking conversions and commission payments.
  • Support Service: They provide support to all vendors through their customer service department, personal account managers, and online resources.
  • Build Network: ClickBank will help you find like-minded partners and develop relations to help you gain more sales strategically.
  • Timely Payment: They ensure you receive your payment on time every time.
  • Monitor Performance: You can track how your offers are converting with the product Gravity Score.

Apart from the functions mentioned above, ClickBank offers more attractive features:

  • TID & VTID Tracking
  • PitchPlus One-Click Upsell
  • Recurring Billing
  • Marketplace Search
  • Earning Calculator
  • Marketplace Categories
  • Sales Tools
  • Affiliate Finder
  • Account Management
  • Product Management
  • Reports
  • APIs

ClickBank indeed has some promising features to offer to its affiliates and vendors. However, they too have some advantages and disadvantages to their platform that we’ve collected from user reviews.

Advantages of ClickBank

Here are some of the benefits of using ClickBank that made them a trusted platform for over 20 years:

ClickBank has a broad marketplace with many digital products you can get. You will find a related development, digital or physical, to sell to the right audience.

They offer various categories for affiliate marketers to find the products that interest them, with new items added to the list regularly.

A platform is an excellent place with much potential for you to earn money. They are one of the most trusted networks.

They track fraud or scam products and reject them. They only select remarkable affiliates with rich websites and relevant products.

They offer 50% to 100% commissions to make your efforts worthwhile. Even though the vendors choose the commissions, they typically pay 50% to 70% on each sale you make.

The platform is easy to access. It requires no investment since ClickBank makes money from commissions from vendors.

The platform’s entire process is structured and straightforward, starting from signing up to a payment platform, custom order forms, mobile checkout, subscription management, etc.

Disadvantages of ClickBank

Nothing can be too perfect; everything has its drawbacks, so does ClickBank. Here are some disadvantages mentioned by the users:

The biggest drawback is their vast number of useless products on the website that clutters the marketplace.

It may be hard to find something suited to your demand in the pool of junk. It can be unclear and take time to find something worth advertising on your website.

Whether you are an affiliate or vendor, you are subject to ClickBank fees. If you are an affiliate with no sale for over a month, you are still entitled to pay $1 per day for having an account.

JVZoo vs ClickBank – What are the Actual Differences?

We’ve learned quite a lot about both platforms so far. As you know, they both offer a vast number of features that you may find attractive. But the question remains, which is the best between JVZoo and ClickBank.

Before making a decision, let’s address the differences between the two.


It doesn’t matter how good your platform is if newbies can’t understand the interface.

ClickBank has an ancient and outdated interface that has been the same for over 20 years. So it may not be good enough to compete in the modern affiliate network.

JVZoo, on the other hand, has been in the market for less than a decade and has a much brighter, cleaner, and more organized interface that is easy for newbies to use.

Ease of Use

The entire process of affiliate marketing in both platforms is quite similar.

ClickBank’s interface may be confusing, as they are in transition and are adding some new elements to the interface. The mish-mash of new and old makes it far more complicated to understand.

JVZoo is quite refined and offers a clean user experience. However, the signup process of JVZoo is more complex. In this case, ClickBank wins, as they have a simple affiliate signup process.

Product Variation

In ClickBank, you find a variety of products under several categories. It includes both digital and physical products.

However, it may also be a downside as the inventory is full of products, making it time-consuming if you’re looking for anything specific.

JVZoo, on the other hand, specializes in products related to digital marketing. So this isn’t the right place if digital marketing products aren’t your preferred category.

Quality of Product

ClickBank puts more effort to weed out poor-quality products. Yet, there are many products you’ll find that fall below an acceptable standard.

Whereas JVZoo is more flexible in their screening process while selecting products to go on their marketplace. Therefore there is a mix of all quality products.

Commissions & Fees

ClickBank has a complex fee calculation process, and you may not always be clear about the commission and fees. ClickBank charges a 7.5% commission on the sale and an additional fee of $1 per sale.

On the other hand, JVZoo charges a 5% commission on every sale price. Therefore, the fee calculation process is also straightforward to calculate.


Both the platforms promise to make instant payments, yet some unlucky users had some complaints regarding delayed payments.

JVZoo makes most payments immediately, but the payment can take months to get delivered in some unfortunate cases. In addition, the vendor decides the payment time, not the program, so that the payment duration may vary for different products.

ClickBank generally pays weekly, but sometimes the payment may delay till two weeks.

Customer Support

In the case of JVZoo, they don’t control customer support. The vendors deal with customer support and refund requests.

So the customer support you receive for JVZoo isn’t really up to them; it comes down to the vendors. While some vendors provide good service, others may not be up to the mark.

ClickBank deals with their customer service themselves. They have knowledgeable and swift customer support.

For example, if a customer requests a refund on their purchase, the customer assistant will not talk back or argue; they will issue a refund.

Final Words

Even though JVZoo and ClickBank are similar and offer many of the same features, they also have their differences. In addition, each has its specialty that may make them a striking option for your products.

We can’t state a definite winner between JVZoo vs ClickBank. While JVZoo is promising for affiliate marketing, it is the best for digital-based products. On the other hand, ClickBank has products of all categories ranging from digital to physical products.

Ultimately the decision comes down to you. We have done our bit by helping you understand each platform’s essential features. Check as well Maxbounty vs Clickbank.

Now, you know the pros and cons and, more importantly, the difference between them, so it’s up to you to pick your best bet.

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