Shopify Advanced vs Plus: Choosing the Right E-commerce Platform for Your Business

Choosing the right eCommerce platform is a pivotal decision for online businesses. For those looking at Shopify, the choice often comes down to two of its most popular plans: Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus. Understanding the critical differences between these two options is key to selecting the plan that aligns best with a store’s current needs and growth trajectory.

Shopify Advanced provides businesses with an expanded set of tools and features over the basic Shopify plan. It offers increased staff accounts, lower transaction fees, and advanced reporting options. It’s an appealing choice for growing businesses looking to scale without committing to enterprise-level solutions.

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On the higher end, Shopify Plus caters to larger businesses and enterprises needing more customization, higher levels of support, and scalability. It includes dedicated support with a Merchant Success Manager and has the capabilities for higher volume transactions and international sales. With these features and an infrastructure designed to handle surges in traffic, Shopify Plus is suited for businesses that have outgrown the traditional Shopify offerings and need a platform that can keep pace with their expanding operations.

Key Takeaways

  • Shopify Advanced is suitable for growing businesses that require more features than the basic plan.
  • Shopify Plus offers enterprise-level support and scalability for high-volume businesses.
  • Selecting between Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus depends on business size, needs, and growth plans.

Understanding Shopify Plans

Shopify’s platform caters to a range of businesses, from small startups to enterprise-level merchants, offering plans that are designed to fit the varying needs and scales of online retail operations.

The selection of plans include diverse pricing options, different features such as advanced reporting and support levels, and vary by user size and monthly sales volume.

Shopify Lite and Basic Shopify

Shopify Lite is the most accessible plan, ideal for selling on social media or embedding a “Buy” button on an existing website. At $9 per month, it’s tailored for users who are not ready for a full online store but wish to make sales through other channels or add e-commerce to their blogs.

Basic Shopify, starting at $29 per month, serves small businesses looking to set up an online store with essential features. It includes tools for product management, order processing, and basic reporting. This plan has a 2.9% + 30¢ credit card rate for online transactions and offers Shopify POS app functionality, adding a layer of versatility for physical retail.

Shopify Advanced

Geared towards growing businesses, Shopify Advanced offers a robust set of features for $299 per month. Users access lower transaction fees at 2.4% + 30¢, professional reports, advanced reporting capabilities, and Shopify POS Pro. The Advanced plan additionally provides an abandoned cart recovery feature, playing a pivotal role in salvaging potential lost sales.

This tier is suitable for retailers who require detailed insights and reporting to fine-tune their operations. Users also benefit from the ability to create advanced customer segments and gain access to third-party calculated shipping rates.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus elevates the offering for enterprise-level businesses and high-volume merchants. Its pricing starts at $2,000 per month and adapts to the merchant’s needs, especially suitable for those with high monthly sales volume. Plus provides merchants with unlimited staff accounts, multi-currency sales capabilities, and a dedicated Merchant Success Program designed for business acceleration.

In addition to the core benefits, merchants receive dedicated support from Shopify, including access to exclusive resources and enterprise-grade features. This plan can facilitate global expansion with multi-storefronts and localized experiences, solidifying Shopify Plus as the choice for businesses aiming to scale significantly.

Key Features of Shopify Advanced vs Plus

When comparing Shopify Advanced with Shopify Plus, businesses often scrutinize their differing capabilities in customization, account management, marketing, and sales tools, as well as e-commerce and B2B-specific features.

Customization Capabilities

Shopify Advanced provides a solid foundation for customization with access to the Shopify API, allowing for tailored modifications and integrations.

Users can adapt their online store using an array of themes and can enhance the checkout experience through custom design and functionality.

In contrast, Shopify Plus goes a step further, offering extensive customization options for high-volume merchants or businesses needing a more robust solution.

This includes exclusive access to Shopify’s Script Editor for customizing checkout behaviors and the ability to create unique, tailored shopping experiences for B2B customers, including dedicated storefronts.

User and Staff Accounts

With Shopify Advanced, businesses benefit from limited staff accounts, adequate for many growing businesses. This tier allows organizations to delegate responsibilities and management to multiple users within the Shopify dashboard.

On the other hand, Shopify Plus empowers larger enterprises by providing unlimited staff accounts, facilitating the scaling of operations without restrictions on user access.

This allows for better coverage of a global team’s presence and the delegation across a wider range of roles and responsibilities.

Marketing and Sales Tools

Shopify Advanced equips stores with a suite of marketing and sales tools encompassing discounts, gift cards, and advanced analytics for a robust insight into sales trends.

Integration with several apps boosts the ability to execute campaigns effectively, alongside social media integration for increased engagement.

Shopify Plus extends these capabilities significantly, offering advanced analytics and reporting features designed for enterprise-level businesses.

Plus users can leverage exclusive tools for campaign management and marketing automation, alongside the capacity to manage complex discounts at scale, enhancing the potential for driving sales and customer loyalty.

E-commerce and B2B Features

E-commerce features in Shopify Advanced cover a wide range of needs for online stores looking to grow. This includes detailed reports and analytics essential for e-commerce optimization.

For businesses looking for B2B functionality, Shopify Advanced presents a suitable platform for ecommerce shops venturing into B2B.

Shopify Plus elevates the offering with advanced e-commerce and B2B features catering to online stores and enterprise-level requirements.

Plus enables integration with ERPs and CRM systems, a significant advantage for B2B customers managing extensive catalogs and client lists. These features support a seamless experience for high-volume transactions and partnerships critical in a B2B ecosystem.

Technical Aspects

Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus offer distinct technical capabilities tailored to different business needs. These platforms facilitate integrations and automated processes, enhancing the overall functionality of an e-commerce business.

API and Integration Limits

Shopify Advanced provides businesses with up to 5,000 API calls per minute, which allows for moderate usage of custom integrations and app integrations.

This suits businesses that require standard connectivity with external systems.

In contrast, Shopify Plus goes further by offering unlimited API calls, catering to businesses that demand extensive integration with automation platforms and multiple third-party applications.

Checkout and Shopping Cart

The checkout experience on both platforms can be tailored, but Shopify Plus gives a high degree of customization, offering a fully customizable checkout.

This is essential for creating a branded checkout experience, crucial for businesses aiming to provide a unique customer interaction.

Shopify Advanced offers a less customizable but still robust shopping cart, sufficient for many established e-commerce sites. However, those looking to leverage a multi-currency checkout will find Shopify Plus more accommodating.

Performance and Scalability

Shopify Plus is engineered for high-growth businesses, ensuring that the performance does not decline even during traffic spikes.

Its scalable infrastructure supports enterprises that require extensive bandwidth and resources.

Shopify Advanced can handle increased volumes to a certain extent, making it suitable for growing businesses that are not yet at the enterprise level but are scaling rapidly.

Both platforms support the growth trajectory of an e-commerce business but at different magnitudes.

Support and Resources

When choosing between Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus, it is important to consider the varying levels of support and resources each offers.

Shopify Advanced caters to growing businesses, while Shopify Plus provides enhanced support features suitable for larger merchants or those with more complex needs.

Customer Support Options

Shopify Advanced users have access to 24/7 customer support, which includes email, live chat, and phone support, ensuring that help is available whenever it’s needed.

On the other hand, Shopify Plus takes customer support up a notch by providing dedicated support.

This includes personal assistance from a Merchant Success Program that aids with strategic business planning and access to dedicated account managers who are committed to resolving issues more quickly and efficiently.

Educational and Community Support

Both Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus offer a variety of educational and community resources designed to empower merchants.

However, Shopify Plus offers exclusive access to the Shopify Plus Academy, a resource for structured learning to help merchants grow their business.

Moreover, users of Shopify Plus can also benefit from being part of the Shopify Plus Community, an invite-only forum for discussion, networking, and sharing tips with other high-growth merchants.

This sense of community is further enriched by the comprehensive merchant success program that supports businesses in maximizing their platform’s capabilities.

Pricing and Value

When choosing between Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus, it is essential for businesses to understand how each plan’s pricing structure and associated fees can impact their overall budget.

Understanding the Pricing Structure

Shopify Advanced offers a more accessible price point at a flat rate of $299 per month. This plan caters to businesses that require advanced features without the need for the additional customization and support provided by Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus, on the other hand, begins at a baseline of $2,000 per month, reflecting its position as a premium, enterprise-level solution designed for high-volume merchants or those needing highly scalable and customizable options.

Transaction Fees and Credit Card Rates

Both Shopify plans also include transaction fees and credit card rates, which are pivotal in determining long-term costs.

For Shopify Advanced, there are no transaction fees if using Shopify Payments, Shopify’s own payment processor. However, if a merchant chooses to use an external payment gateway, a transaction fee of 0.5% applies.

Shopify Plus works similarly, with the added advantage of negotiable transaction fees based on the business’s volume and specific requirements.

Credit card rates can vary, but Shopify Advanced typically offers a rate of approximately 2.4% + 30¢ per transaction for online credit card rates when using Shopify Payments.

Shopify Plus may offer lower credit card rates, further reducing costs on a high volume of transactions, benefiting the merchant’s budget.

Advanced Shopify and Shopify Plus for Growth

As businesses prioritize growth and scalability, Advanced Shopify and Shopify Plus cater to different stages of expansion with their distinct features designed to support the increasing demands of high-growth and enterprise-level businesses.

Scaling Your Business With Shopify Advanced

Shopify Advanced offers a robust platform for growing businesses that require more sophisticated features than the basic Shopify plan provides.

It is built to cater to merchants experiencing a surge in online traffic and sales, providing them with enhanced scalability and flexibility.

With features like advanced report building, better rates on shipping and payment processing, and an increased number of staff accounts, Shopify Advanced helps businesses streamline operations and manage growth effectively.

  • Scalability: Tailored for high-growth businesses, Shopify Advanced facilitates smooth scaling of operations.
  • Flexibility: Offers the flexibility to customize various aspects of the ecommerce experience to meet growing demands.
  • Growth: Focused on businesses seeking to enhance their online presence without the complexity of an enterprise solution.

Expanding Enterprise Operations With Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is designed for enterprise-level businesses and high-volume merchants with expansive operations, potentially running multiple stores across multiple channels.

It delivers a high degree of scalability and flexibility, necessary for managing complex business structures and high traffic volumes.

Shopify Plus users benefit from dedicated support, advanced security features, and customizable checkout processes that can handle the demands of large-scale ecommerce activities.

  • Scalability: Equipped for enterprise-scale operations with the ability to handle large numbers of transactions and spikes in traffic.
  • Flexibility: Provides extensive APIs and customization options to tailor the ecommerce experience on a deeper level.
  • Growth: Perfect for businesses with substantial market presence looking to innovate and maintain a dynamic online retail environment.

Automation and Exclusive Features

The realm of Shopify encompasses robust automation capabilities and distinctive features exclusive to Shopify Plus, which provide merchants with a competitive edge in e-commerce efficiency and customization.

Shopify Flow and E-commerce Automation

Shopify Flow is an ecommerce automation platform designed to optimize operational efficiency by automating tasks and processes.

Merchants on Shopify Plus can harness Flow to create custom workflows based on actions such as order tagging and inventory management.

This automation tool greatly reduces the manual effort required in daily operations, enabling store owners to focus on scaling their business.

  • Features:
    • Rule-based automation for tasks
    • Integration with multiple apps and services
    • Pre-built workflow templates for quick setup

Exclusive Features of Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus offers exclusive functionality tailored for high-volume businesses seeking flexible and advanced options.

Launchpad, an exclusive tool for Shopify Plus, allows merchants to plan and automate flash sales, product launches, and promotional campaigns.

Moreover, Shopify Scripts and advanced reporting provide elevated control over checkout customization and data analytics.

These exclusive features position Shopify Plus as the premium choice for established businesses ready to expand their online presence.

  • Exclusive Tools:
    • Launchpad: Scheduling and automating events
    • Shopify Scripts: Personalizing checkout experiences
    • Advanced Reporting: Gaining insightful analytics

Making the Decision

For businesses contemplating Shopify Advanced versus Plus, the pivotal considerations revolve around their current operational demands and scaling ambitions. The intent is to identify which platform aligns consummately with their ecommerce trajectory and to understand the mechanisms underlying an upgrade.

Evaluating Business Needs and Suitability

Business Needs Assessment:

  • Current Operations: Shopify Advanced provides ample tools for growing businesses, but Shopify Plus may be imperative for those requiring advanced store management and scalability features.
  • Growth Projections: High-growth businesses and enterprise-level businesses will benefit from Shopify Plus’s extensive capabilities tailored for complex operations and larger volumes.

Alignment with Business Goals:

  • B2B Functionality: Shopify Plus offers enhanced features for B2B customers, which are essential for businesses catering to wholesale markets.
  • Scalability: The decision to upgrade should be influenced by the scalability demands of the business. Shopify Plus provides robust scalability options to accommodate rapid growth.

The Process of Upgrading to Shopify Plus

Trial Period Consideration:

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right Shopify plan is crucial for your e-commerce business. This section addresses common inquiries on the differences and benefits of Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus to guide your decision.

What are the main differences in features between Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus?

Shopify Advanced offers a robust platform suitable for growing businesses with features like professional reports, abandoned cart recovery, and advanced report builder.

Conversely, Shopify Plus provides comprehensive solutions for large enterprises, including higher levels of customization, automation, and dedicated support.

Can you explain the pricing differences between Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus has a starting price of $2,000 per month, potentially including additional fees based on store transactions, while Shopify Advanced has a flat rate of $299 per month. This makes Shopify Plus significantly more expensive but tailored for high-volume merchants.

What additional benefits does Shopify Plus offer compared to Shopify Advanced?

Shopify Plus delivers enhanced benefits like unlimited staff accounts, exclusive access to the Shopify Plus Academy for training, and advanced security features, which are especially beneficial for large-scale and high-revenue businesses.

Which is more suitable for a large-scale business, Shopify Advanced or Shopify Plus?

For large-scale businesses, Shopify Plus is the more suitable option due to its scalability, extensive API integration capabilities, and advanced support designed to meet the demands of high-volume merchants.

How does Shopify Plus improve upon the offerings of Shopify Advanced for enterprise customers?

Shopify Plus builds on Shopify Advanced by offering enterprise-grade features such as advanced apps, priority support, and higher levels of customization and control, catered towards the needs of enterprise customers looking for scalability and a tailored e-commerce solution.

In terms of scalability, how does Shopify Advanced compare to Shopify Plus?

Regarding scalability, Shopify Advanced offers a solid foundation for growing businesses. However, Shopify Plus is specifically engineered to accommodate rapid growth and scalability demands of large businesses. It provides infrastructure to handle high volumes of sales and traffic seamlessly.

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