Top 5 ClickMagick Alternatives in 2024

ClickMagick is an excellent online ad tracking tool. It is effortless to use, and the UI is top class. You can have a great track if you follow their process and instructions.

And, you can also find your best and worst ad. Eventually, it will be easier to identify the best Return on Investment ads.

But ClickMagick has some drawbacks. It’s not a beginner-friendly marketing tool. Therefore, you may look for ClickMagick alternatives.

Well, we bring you the 5 best options as an alternative to ClickMagick. So, you may have more friendly and more accurate tracking tools in some cases. Let’s explore them.

Best ClickMagick Alternatives

Let’s have a look –


When you want to get the best alternative to ClickMagick, Weberlo should be in your consideration. It’s a uniquely designed online marketing platform to give you the best solution.

You can track your ads and campaigns with a single dashboard of the Weberlo. It has a friendly User Interface which makes it a beginner-friendly marketing tool.

Moreover, you will also enjoy all the advanced tools of Weberlo if you purchase their premium version. Furthermore, this marketing tool is compatible with all the platforms.

That means you can manage and run the ads for both Google, Facebook, Youtube, and other social media without having any issues.

Although the price is fixed per month, you will surely love their ad services. They give enough customer service and ensure the best return from your campaign.

You can track the ads link and find out the best ROI given ads. Thus, it will be helpful to make informed decisions and invest wisely.

Key Features

  • Best User Interface for beginners.
  • Return On Investment is High.
  • Easiest tracking ads.
  • You can use this tool without having any previous experience.
  • Best-Value for Money

Pricing Mode

If you want the proper and best alternative of ClickMagick, you need to invest in Weberlo. It will charge $299/monthly, which seems higher than the traditional marketing tools, but it’s worth it. It will give you the best output compared to other digital platform tools.


The clickMeter will finely replace your previous ad tracking tool. It is elementary to use and perfect to get tracked for all the ad projects or the other ad campaigns.

You can get the traffic source, where they are coming from, and which landing page they visit.

It’s easier to track them, find out the best ad campaign, and focus on that. It will help increase your profit and sales to a great extent.

The dashboard is exceptionally super friendly, and you can control pretty much everything from a single place.

You don’t need to think of other ways or any third-party help. You can track the best landing page and make sound decisions according to the tracked ads.

You will get all the broken links, click fraud, blacklist, and latency from the single washboard. It undoubtedly has remarkable features for this tool.

In a nutshell, the clickmeter is an excellent alternative for ClickMagick. If you want the best quality ad tracking tool, ClickMeter should be your priority.

Key Features

  • Best user-friendly dashboard where you can track and control the entire ad campaign and everything.
  • User Interface is so friendly that you don’t need to have previous software user experience.
  • There are affiliate-friendly options to effectively track the campaign and monitor the best return campaign.
  • You can track all the simple clicks on your ads.
  • You can integrate ClickMeter with other marketing tools.
  • Product Ids are there to easily and quickly track the campaign.

Pricing Model

You will get three different prices models. The starting price package is $29/Month.

At that price, you will enjoy 25000 events a month. Along with that, you will also get Affiliate marketing tools and one-year data storage.

Another Price package is $99/month. This package will give you 200000 events and all the necessary tools and other facilities accordingly.

There is another price for the significant competitor or the brand; it is called x-large. And you have to pay $349/month.


Here is a great marketing tool to track your ads and campaigns. It’s a customizable online-based marketing tool that gives the best cloud-based service.

You will find all the required and essential tools to track your ads; apart from that, you will find advanced tools to make marketing easier and more professional.

Auto optimization, multi-access options, and LP-Builder are the best-advanced tools and programs that you will enjoy from these platforms.

If you are a professional and looking for a more advanced marketing tool, AdsBridge will become the best alternative to ClickMagick.

Another notable feature is a support team. You will mostly enjoy this dedicated support every time you ask for it.

It has excellent customer satisfaction fame in the industry. Customer service is a big concern if you are worried about online-based marketing tools.

However, tracking and advanced features will surely amaze you, and you can find a lot easier tools to track everything accurately.

Key Features

  • Both primary and advanced tools help you work like a professional.
  • A dedicated service team is there to give you the best customer service and solutions for required problems.
  • Best Budget-friendly pricing options.
  • Cloud-based Solutions will make you more efficient.
  • Retargeting any link will be a click of matter for you.

Pricing Model

If you’re worried about the budget and looking for the best budget-friendly marketing tool, Adsbridge will become the best choice.

The price starts from $0-$799. That’s the best part of this tool. Moreover, you can use the free-trial option for about 14 days.

After that, if you have any concerns or find it a perfect match, you can enjoy it perfectly. The starting price is $89, and the second friendly budget option is $379/monthly.

It would help if you chose the package wisely; before that, know your requirements and the size of your ad campaigns.


Do you need a carbon copy but a better version of the ClickMagick? If so, the Voluum will be your best online marketing tool for tracking your ads link.

Both are cloud-based platforms and give tracking performance better than anyone else.

Since it’s a SAAS-made platform, the Voluum is available to both the Google Play store & the other Play store.

However, the Voluum is also excellent for the interface and generating instant reports. This feature is a time saver for most users—especially those who want to track the ads links without facing any difficulties.

Another notable feature is the SSL support. If you work with the custom-based domain, you must ensure the best SSL support from the Digital Marketing or ad tracking tool.

And the Voluum knows it better than anyone else in the industry.

Another best feature is the customizable template.

You can create and design a new template according to your needs, and then it will become easier to track your ads campaigns and ensure the best return as well.

Best Features

  • Customizable Templates for tracking ads.
  • 20+ integrated marketing tools.
  • The data pull covering system is fast and accurate.
  • Different types of tracking templates are available to track various links.
  • You can generate instant reports, whatever the traffic size is.

Pricing Model

Since the Voluum is more likely a professional ad tracking tool, you need to invest a handsome budget. The starting price is $299/Month.

You can control one custom domain and one dedicated domain. Besides, the event’s range is up to 2000000. The second price is $599/month. It will help you to track 10 million events a month.

And the last and best price is $1499/month. It’s best for an agency or professional marketers who have lots of ads and campaigns and who need 30 million events monthly.


If you want to get the best budget-friendly link tracking service, LinkTrackr is for you. It’s not the best tool for doing all the professional marketing works appropriately.

Still, if the link tracking is your primary concern, and you don’t have any big-budget, LinkTrackr is waiting with a $9/Month package.

Mainly, this tool will share the traffic into two different pages. This tool is the best in terms of value addition and another perspective.

Let’s get the key features of this tool that will help you determine if you need this tool or not. In particular, if you are a beginner and looking for the best link tracking online tool, it would be your best choice.

Key Features

  • Use your customizable domain to track the ads.
  • You can insert the link anywhere, including email, banners, and everywhere by creating ads.
  • You can track multiple domains and different ads campaign with this tool.
  • Best Budget-friendly price range.

Price Model

The starting price is $9/Month. It will allow you to track 100 links per month. That might be enough or may not.

You will find three more prices in this tool; $19/$39/$69 is the best economical choice. You have to choose the package that fits you properly carefully.

Final Thoughts

If you search for ClickMagick alternatives, you will find hundreds of different options. And the difficulties and confusions arise from here.

Well, if you only need to track your link, it will be better to go for the LinkTrackr. It is the best, especially if you don’t have previous knowledge and only want to track.

To get the best alternative to ClickMagick, Weberlo would be the best choice. It has all the professional and advanced tools to become the best alternative.

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