15 Best PPC Management Tools in 2022

If you’re involved in online marketing business or technologies, you’ll know about PPC, i.e., Pay-per-click. It has become an essential part of success for any website.

Website owners should widen their consciousness towards any available modern tools as they make everything easy.

Though the primary models of PPC were plain text ads in the search results of Google, they’re evolving to tons of specialty tools.

So, to compete and sustain in the marketplace, you must know about the best PPC management tools so that you can decide the right one for you. In this guide, we’ve included PPC tools widely used and the greatest of all.

Let’s find them out.

What is a PPC Management Tool?

PPC management is a marketing technique that skilled and professional marketers use for marketing and selling products effectively.

While there are different types of PPC tools, the main purpose of these tools is to manage and analyze the advertising campaigns better.

Also, creating ROI at the maximum level and reducing costs for online advertisements are important goals of these tools.

Why is the PPC Management Tool Important?

For a better marketing experience, PPC management tools work like a pro. As you may know, expansive keyword research is necessary for PPC campaigns.

Also, designing landing pages and optimizing ad copy is required for ideal conversion rates. Not only these but there’s also more to go.

You can find out the search marketing strategies of your competitors and flourish your PPC ad of yours through this information.

Besides, you can use the loopholes of their campaign that these tools can identify to your advantage in the ad campaign.

To have all these facilities to beat your competitors and save a huge amount of analysis and research, you can find the best PPC management tools.

The Best PPC Management Tools

For implementing an effective marketing program for your website, you should know which one is ideal for you. Here, we list the best PPC management tools for you to find out.


One of the top PPC management systems, SEMRush offers many modules. They’re of six different categories at present, but the company started as a general keyword research tool.

SEMRush operates the reporting mechanism among every category as a whole analysis program. The reporting mechanism increases with the growth of your business.

The system tends to work as a manager if you can use all the modules offered by this program. You can get real-time updates of the entire platform with the change of single social media reports.


SpyFu provides a lot like giving the most advantageous keywords as your competitors for a modern online marketer. You can see every location on Google of your website by just placing the website’s domain name in the search bar.

Besides, the AdWords keywords, different ad types, and organic ranks of at least thirteen years can be observed too. You can track any of your competitors and their AdWords with the tools of SpyFu.

There are three different categories as Team, Professional, and Basic, based on different subscriptions of both annual and monthly offers.

PPC Entourage

PPC Entourage is a specialized tool that optimizes the advertisements of Amazon. For creating and running product campaigns, this tool can be amazing.

More features help increase conversions for your business, such as identifying areas for betterment, built-in analytics tools, keyword researching, and automation for optimizing bids, removing and adding keywords, keyword suggestions, optimizing bulk campaigns, and optimizing negative keywords.

You can have a fourteen days free trial before adding any plans. The initial plan starts for 5 SKUs, only at forty-seven bucks per month, increasing accordingly.


For digital advertising in Facebook, Google, and Instagram, Adespresso gives full service. You can create extensive campaigns and ads and manage them through 3 platforms in minutes.

Anything specific, like performance metrics, creative, images, or headlines, can be tested with this split testing tool.

Within minutes, you can get a detailed analysis of any ad campaign and track them. A fourteen days free trial is available to test if it’s the right one for you. Well, there are four different plans offered by the company.

Bing Ads Editor

Bing ads editor is another PPC management tool through which you can streamline your campaign ad management, and with Google, directly importing data into the editor is possible.

Also, you can edit ads, manage ad copy, create campaigns, manage keywords and budgets, and so on.

Moreover, managing multiple accounts and working offline is also possible by this tool as it can sync up all the campaigns and accounts.

PPC Protect

There’s an amazing feature in this tool, that’s it can automatically stop fraud clicks in seconds. Within budget, it’s a great tool with the most operative IP blocking system.

With this tool, you can monitor the traffic of your website. There can be several users per account, and you can selectively access the preferable team.

Ad Badger

Ad Badger is a unique PPC tool used to perform Amazon PPC campaigns. It’s a software solution and a way to train yourself and your employees. Also, the online committee lets you discuss many topics and your problems.

Those who run ads actively on Amazon can get this extraordinary tool and get many features such as smart bid algorithm, Amazon ads training of four hours, campaign and keyword management, and negative keyword optimization.

It’s a paid tool, but they give you a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Google Ads Editor

Google ads editor is a PPC tool created a long time ago and made advertising on the internet simple. Google has created the whole process of campaigns, creating ads and accounts, effective and quick within your budget.

Here you can organize ads and files from only one dashboard, change and share an ad to your colleagues of different platforms, observe the campaign’s effectiveness, and so on.

The ads can be shown on the pick hour when they’re most effective. This way, you can get a lot of online audiences and get relevant customers.

Google Keyword Planner

You can get the original online Google tool by just creating a Google account. Google keyword planner is indeed an original keyword planner and finder. Since its creation, many additional tools have been added with it.

The main thing is you can use this management tool without any cost. Just open a general Google account and get this outstanding system.


Optmyzr is a PPC management and reporting tool developed in 2013 by ex-Googlers. It’s a Google partner tool that works with Amazon and Microsoft and received several awards.

You can optimize the campaign, bid accounts and develop better budgets quickly. You can get this tool to build the ad reporting and automate ad, budget, and bid.

But remember, this tool is expensive for small businesses and can be a great option for several websites.


Optimizely can be used as a conversion tool that can assist you in testing the maximum engagement of your various websites and thus optimize your website.

Something is interesting about this tool. This tool targets audiences on several bases like multivariate testing, predictive analysis, behavior, multi-page testing, campaign management, and so on.

Google Trends

You’ll be surprised to know that Google trends are one of the popular PPC tools trusted by marketers. What makes it amazing?

Well, this online search tool shows the result of your search in a volume graph of the search index. You can see the exact time of a searched keyword and check how repeatedly it’s been used.

Also, the comparative level of interest can be seen in a specific keyword where you can compare the level with other keywords.


Adalysis is the recommendation and management engine to get primary information and conduct ads for PPC campaigns. Marketers who are up to dig deep into the provisional counting from their campaigns and ads can use this tool in a great way.

It’s necessary information for a businessman to know how his campaigns and ads work in the market. Is it losing money? The A/B testing of Adalysis gives a click-through rate of costs. Before going live with the ads, you can test run by setting an ad to see how it performs.

Also, to see the performance in real-time, you can set up an extensive alert system.

You can get a fourteen days trial for free before having the subscription.


The PPC tool, Tenscores, is very effective for promoting Google Adwords Quality Score by providing recommendations. It alerts you about any poor quality scores so that you don’t waste your bucks.

Also, you can find your areas for improvement through this tool by analyzing the history of your quality scores.


iSpionage is a PPC tool that has competitive intelligence. Using this tool will create extra leads and increase the conversion rate of your ad.

You can also see your competitors’ important SEO data and know how much they spend on AdWords.

Besides, it’ll let you know the keywords you should compete for. Isn’t it great?

The Finishing Line

So, these are the commonly used tools and have gained the quality to be on the list of best PPC management tools. As you know about several best PPC tools and their features, it’ll be easy for you to find one.

If you want any help to manage your campaign, you can try these tools and go for a subscription that suits you the most.

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