MaxBounty vs ClickBank – Which One is Better?

With each passing year, the affiliate market is growing rapidly as the world is switching to online shopping. Currently, there are hundreds of affiliate markets available, and these sites allow affiliate marketers and vendors to earn money.

Businesses and vendors list their products on these sites for sale, and affiliate marketers promote the products listed on the market. Choosing an affiliate market with hundreds of available options is not easy and can be quite confusing.

Both MaxBounty and ClickBank hold top positions in this field by offering several outstanding features to vendors and affiliate marketers.

Therefore, in this guide, we’ll compare MaxBounty vs ClickBank and decide which one is better than the other.

An Overview of MaxBounty

MaxBounty is one of the most popular CPA networks, based in Canada but operates worldwide.

It is a performance-based affiliate market that allows marketers to promote products and campaigns of businesses and vendors to their target audience.

The marketer receives a certain amount as commission for each purchase that the customer makes on the affiliate market via the campaign or promotion.

MaxBounty works with various categories and brands from all parts of the world, allowing affiliate markets access to top-quality tools that will help to boost their earnings.


MaxBounty offers several amazing features to both vendors and affiliate marketers, and these help the site be at one of the top positions in the market. These features are:

Various Product Categories

If you are an affiliate marketer, you can choose from several product categories to promote in MaxBounty.

There are hundreds of products to choose from, and you can evaluate the products well before choosing a certain product or niche to promote to your targeted audience.

Account Management

MaxBounty has an amazing team that provides useful insights, proper management, monitoring, and so on that will allow you to better understand your campaign’s insights.

It will help you work on them and make the campaigns more suitable for your targeted audience.

Topnotch Compliance

The brand pays a lot of attention to its rules and regulations to make the market and the service more helpful and appropriate.

The compliance of MaxBounty ensures that the affiliates and advertisers receive the best solutions and help prevent scams, frauds, and so on.

Advantages of Using MaxBounty

There are quite a few pros of using MaxBounty, and here, we will discuss those advantages in detail.

High Earning

One of the biggest advantages of MaxBounty is that the amount of money the affiliate marketers and advertisers earn from this site is typically higher in comparison to the money they receive from other affiliate markets.

Not only that, but the wide range of high-quality products results in a high number of sales and you will be able to earn a bigger amount.

Outstanding Technology

This CPA network is well-known for its amazing technology and tools. These tools help affiliate marketers to promote their products better and optimize their campaigns to ensure better traffic to the site. It also helps you to automate the earnings from your affiliate marketing.

Various Payment Options

MaxBounty offers you to withdraw your earnings once every week. You can withdraw the money via several options, including PayPal, Payoneer, and Bitcoin. The minimum amount of money you can withdraw is $50.

Great Support

The affiliate market features a strong team that offers complete customer service to affiliate marketers and publishers. The support system is highly responsive and provides a solution to all the issues regarding problems and bugs on the site.

Disadvantages of Using MaxBounty

While there are advantages of MaxBounty, as discussed above, there are disadvantages. These cons are:

Complicated Application Process

A major disadvantage of MaxBounty is that the application process of registering to the affiliate market is extremely difficult and lengthy.

The company goes to great lengths to ensure that there are no scammers or frauds, but this results in submitting a long list of documents.

In addition to that, the company requires a lot of time to respond to the application as they properly go through each piece of information you submit.

Quick Banning

Another disadvantage of the affiliate marketer is that it simply bans the affiliate marketers even on the slightest violations. Not only that, but there is no warning system, and the affiliate marketers often do not understand why they were banned from the site.

An Overview of ClickBank

ClickBank is one of the oldest and most popular affiliate markets operating in the world.

It has been specifically manufactured for businesses to promote their items and designs. You will get everything on this site, starting from physical to digital items.

In this affiliate site, affiliate marketers can choose from products listed on the website and promote them to their audience.

In this way, the businesses get a promotion of their products, and the marketers receive a certain percentage of money as a commission of the sale of each product via their reference.

With the opportunity that the site offers to both vendors and marketers, they can work on the plans and campaigns to grow the business further.


Whether you are a vendor or an affiliate marketer, ClickBank has several outstanding features. Here, we will look at the amazing features that the site offers.

Great Marketplace Search

Searching a marketplace for a specific product, whether you are looking for one to promote, buy, and so on, can be tiresome and takes hours.

ClickBank makes the work easier for you with their highly integrated search engine that allows you to look for products easily.

Several Product Categories

ClickBank has a wide range of products listed on the site from all parts of the world.

This affiliate market has neatly categorized all the products under their specific categories and subcategories to ensure that you find the product you are looking for easily.

In addition to that, it also allows affiliate marketers to go through categories and helps them to determine the niche they want to promote for their audience.

Earning Calculator

The earning calculator is a top-tier feature by ClickBank as it allows both vendors and affiliates to estimate the amount of money or commission they are going to make on each sale.

This calculator allows affiliate marketers to choose their products wisely and go for items that offer a decent commission.

Affiliate Marketer Finder

Startups or small businesses do not have a lot of money to get promoters or host advertising campaigns for their business.

ClickBank offers businesses the opportunity of finding affiliate marketers for their items and earn a certain amount of commission on sales.

It allows the businesses to grow their brand and the affiliate marketers to increase their earnings.

Advantages of Using ClickBank

Wide Product Range

One of the biggest advantages of ClickBank is that it offers a wide range of products. You will find hundreds of product categories and subcategories and have access to millions of amazing products worldwide.

The wide product range allows affiliate marketers to choose from a niche that they think will improve their earnings and be helpful to their audience.

Top Quality Products

ClickBank does not only offer a huge array of products, but you will also get access to amazing quality products.

The affiliate site closely monitors the products, vendors, and affiliate marketers to ensure that the quality is not compromised and the customers get the best deal.

Perfect For Startups and Small Businesses

A major advantage of ClickBank is that the affiliate marketer is suitable for startups and small businesses that do not have sufficient money to promote their products.

The affiliate marketers on the site choose from the listed items and promote the products, helping the businesses to grow.

Not only that, but ClickBank is also suitable for medium to big-sized businesses who want to increase the reach of their products and services through affiliate marketing.

Disadvantages of Using ClickBank

ClickBank comes with a few disadvantages that often cause the affiliate market to lose vendors and affiliate marketers. These disadvantages are:

Trial Period

ClickBank does not offer a free trial for its users or affiliate marketers. You will have to pay upfront to use their services.

However, this prevents businesses and marketers from using and getting a clear idea about the integrity and features offered by the site.


Every vendor and affiliate marketer will have to pay a certain fee to ClickBank depending on their account usability, performance, and earnings through the site.

While the fees are low, the users are not happy with it as they already pay an upfront charge to access the site.

Unreliable Communication

One of the biggest disadvantages of ClickBank is that they do not allow a proper communication system between the vendor and the affiliate marketer.

The site has an in-built communication system through which people communicate, but it is against the rules if they try to have a conversation outside the site.

MaxBounty Vs ClickBank – What are the Actual Differences?

Payment Methods

There is a huge difference between MaxBounty and ClickBank regarding payment methods for businesses and affiliate marketers.

MaxBounty offers weekly earning withdrawals to their vendors and marketers of a minimum of $50 via Payoneer, PayPal, and Bitcoin.

On the other hand, ClickBank offers money withdrawal through Checks and direct bank transfers.


The difference in the customer support system between MaxBounty and ClickBank is pretty transparent.

MaxBounty has a highly responsive support team that closely monitors every situation and provides the best possible solution. However, the support team of ClickBank is not as responsive or supportive as MaxBounty.

Application Process

ClickBank requires vendors and affiliate marketers to pay an upfront fee to register to the website and does not require much information or documents.

On the other hand, MaxBounty is free to use, but the application process is complicated and takes up a significant amount of time.

However, this tricky application system allows MaxBounty to ensure that the number of frauds or scammers on the site is little to zero.

Final Words

The industry is rapidly growing and earning billions each year if we talk about affiliate marketing. But with so many sites operating in the industry, it isn’t easy to choose one.

Both MaxBounty and ClickBank are exceptional and popular in the affiliate field. However, there are quite a few differences between MaxBounty vs ClickBank, as discussed above.

According to our preference, MaxBounty is better than ClickBank as it offers several outstanding benefits and features, including fraud prevention, close monitoring and analysis, optimization, and so on.

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