Maxbounty Alternative: 6 Options to Look for

Maxbounty has to be one of the best choices for affiliate marketers. It is for the people who have been into CPA marketing for years, as it’s hard on this platform to get approved.

But for affiliate marketers, it is crucial to diversify and try other networks. Some networks come with various offers, and limiting yourself to one network doesn’t let you explore a big CPA marketing field.

Therefore, it’s essential to try something else and determine if some options have better offers.

Worry not! In this guide, we bring you a list to choose the best MaxBounty alternative. We will discuss six alternatives to Maxbounty, which mainly focuses on CPA marketing.

An Overview of Maxbounty

Maxbounty is an affiliate marketing network that leverages a Cost per Action (CPA) model and allows affiliate marketers to earn money.

The affiliate marketers here bring visitors to the vendor’s website and earn revenues accordingly.

It is a platform that works as an intermediary between the affiliate and advertiser. The job of an advertiser is to place their offer. On the part of the affiliate marketers, they get rewarded for the traffic they have generated to those particular offers.

It comes with a user-friendly interface and payment gateways that are safe for smooth transactions. But for the new marketers or those who don’t have any website.

The reason is the application process that involves the final approval, which can be lengthy for the starters.

6 Best MaxbountyAlternatives

Each of the networks comes with a variety of offers. Some networks will offer you superior customer support, whereas there are networks that would provide better monetization.

So, trying out networks for a better experience is a good practice because CPA affiliate marketing is all about testing and accepting the new.

For Maxbounty, there isn’t much to complain about. But since you need a change, we gathered some suitable options.

Here are the six best Maxbounty alternatives


As a tool, Weberlo allows tracking and optimizing the traffic sources in a single platform. It consists of four dashboards: stats, configuration, customer journey, and integration.

These components eventually allow you to track the performance of your affiliate marketing campaign in the most efficient way.

As a network, it is compatible with carrying out multiple tasks. Its main aim is to make the job of digital marketing easy. Whether you opt for Email or Facebook marketing, it can quickly help you calculate the ROI as it is one of its core features.

Also, for affiliates or even SMS marketing, this platform offers a proper ad tracking module. On the other hand, the platform already has various statistical features that help to identify accurate sales data. You can use these data to make decision-making more precise and accurate.

The best part is that you can have a good view of the customer journey. The customer journey dashboard will allow you to track everything starting from the first interaction. You can see the multiple touch points of the customers before they make the order.

Eventually, this helps you to cater your CPA affiliate marketing strategy according to your customer’s needs.

Overall, with the attractive pricing plans and perfect tools, Weberlo is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to Maxbounty.


The second network on my list is CPAGRIP. As an affiliate marketer, you can register it for free and earn revenues by driving more traffic to the offers.

The process is relatively easy. You need to create a free publisher account on the platform and get the affiliate links on the offers to start earning immediately.

The case regarding the link is such that when anyone clicks those, the platform will prompt them to do some simple tasks such as filling out surveys and other relevant information.

And after the customer has completed all these tasks, you will get paid. But always be aware of your leads. Poor leads can result in your earnings going back to the advertiser.

In that case, you should refrain from using illegal niches. There won’t be any issues if you use ethical means with this platform.

If you are serious about CPA affiliate marketing, this platform can be of great use. It offers many monetization tools and has the best CPA locking software.

Getting paid is also an easy process with this network. There is a payment center that you’ll find on the dashboard. You can choose the method you prefer and fill out all other necessary information.

When you have already selected the payment gateway, you ultimately establish the payment process as long as you work with this network.

Moreover, with high-paying offers and an easy-to-use platform, CPAGRIP can be an excellent alternative to Maxbounty.


Assortlist is a simple platform to use for advertising. It provides all the tools to help you curate ads for various purposes.

It is a platform mainly catered to customers looking for events, jobs, rental services, or dating sites. And the way it helps the advertisers is through providing free classified ads.

This platform is the best platform for sorting classified ads. These ads fall under regular digital advertising campaigns but are distinct due to their representation.

This platform is also well known for effectively creating traffic to dating websites.

Now, in terms of pricing, the offers are variable. Although, you will have the chance to post free ads.

Moreover, if you want to replace Maxbounty usage for driving traffic to dating websites and similar stuff, Assortlist would be the best alternative.


CPALead is a well-known network, and affiliates have many things to offer.

As for the features, have display ads under which falls banner ads, pushup ads, etc. And the best part is that all of these are customizable.

With the help of this type of ad, you will be able to locate the visitors and their devices, which would benefit a lot in displaying the targeted PPC or CPI ads.

They also come with many affiliate products integrated with social media. Such integration allows users to share the affiliate link on social media and generate revenues within a short time.

If you are interested in monetizing some kind of mobile offers, such as those involving mobile games or installing mobile apps, this network would be the best choice.

Their mobile monetization feature offers PPC advertising solutions to increase app revenues.

When it comes to content locking, it is always wise to sign up for various networks to get better offers.

Signing up for CPALead may prove to be fruitful as you will get to compare it to the offers from Maxbounty. It will help you get the best of these platforms for various functions.

Overall, it can be a good prospect; you need to figure out the specific offers that can be more feasible than Maxbounty.


AdPushup focuses on revenue optimization, which helps the affiliates, grow advertising revenue.

This platform is suitable for all those affiliates whose primary focus is on the content. It provides efficient ad management as they have a highly effective account management team to provide all solutions.

This team knows well about the affiliates’ products and identifies opportunities to serve them well.

Other than this, this ad network is easy to set up. It comes with its feature through which you can insert ads into the website. The best thing is the Ad-Refresh feature, which makes it a standout from the rest.

With Ad-Refresh, you’ll be able to refresh the ads at every minute interval. The benefit of this feature is that it will play a part in increasing ad impressions.

The payment process is also simple. You can get paid through PayPal or bank on the default payment Net45. At the end of each cycle, it will take 45 days to get paid.

Nonetheless, it is a good alternative for revenue optimization of the CPA campaign. Before choosing, do check whether the offers are feasible.


Clickbooth is a multi-monetizable network as it supports multiple CPAs. You can monetize on different pricing models and have affiliate offers.

You will be getting paid when somebody acts on the affiliate links. The actions can be buying a product or signing up for something specific.

As for the services, the Click booth offers some of the most advanced tools required for CPA ad campaigns. Some prominent ones are- customer acquisition, brand compliance, curated program requirements, etc.

The basic working procedure is just like all other networks. Click booth helps connect thousands of affiliates with the marketers to drive in their sales.

And when it comes to offers catered to affiliates, they come with diverse verticals. Whether app installs, home improvement leads, or even gambling, it will help drive traffic.

Overall, it is a good shot as an alternative depending on the offers and features.

Final Thoughts

Using different networks is always encouraged for affiliate marketing as you never know which network has better things to offer.

Well, we tried to portray a relevant Maxbounty alternative. Well, Weberlo is the best when considering features versus offers. Its top-class tracking of the traffic data makes it a sure-shot option.

The rest of the options are also good, given different requirements. Moreover, the main aim is to manage and optimize ad campaigns to generate greater revenues, which these networks can surely help you achieve.

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