Digistore24 Vs ClickBank – Which One to Choose?

The online business industry is growing with each passing day as more and more existing brands and new businesses are joining the market.

With the growth of online businesses and sales, affiliate marketing is also growing. For those who do not have a clear idea about affiliate marketing, you will earn a small commission on every customer’s purchase through your reference.

In the current and blooming industry, Digistore24 and ClickBank are two of the most prominent players in affiliate marketing. Many people are confused about which one they should go for as both are well-performing and have provided extraordinary results.

Therefore, in this guide, we’ll discuss Digistore24 vs ClickBank, along with its pros and cons; will help you decide which one is better.

An Overview of Digistore24

Digistore24 is one of the biggest online marketplaces operating in the world right now. It is not only an online sales market, but it is also one of the leading affiliate markets in the industry.

This Germany-based company initially directed all of its focus towards the German market, but over time has expanded its business to several parts of the world.

This online platform is suitable for both affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs, especially people who do not have a significant upfront investment.

You can easily list your products, both physical and digital items, and sell them to people all over the world.

Affiliate marketers can use this platform to refer people to the products listed on the website and earn a commission percentage on every item the customers purchase from the marketplace through their referral.


There are several excellent features that Digistore24 offers that make it an outstanding choice in the industry. Let us know the details about these features.

Outstanding Products

Digistore24 offers a wide range of products, starting from physical to digital items. You will get everything from here, including e-tickets, books, CDs, software license keys, and many more.

Affiliate Marketing

Digistore24 is one of the biggest affiliate platforms available in the industry. Affiliates can earn a decent amount as commissions on every customer’s purchase through their reference.


With Digistore24, you will get the products delivered to your doorstep with their fantastic shipping and delivery service. The company uses quite a few top-quality shipping services that provide outstanding service to their customers.

Statistics and Analytics

The statistics and analytics feature offered by Digistore24 is excellent as it allows vendors, affiliates, and customers to take a look at the conversion rates and cancellation rates. Not only that, but you can also view the sales statistics and track order forms.


The support feature that comes with Digistore24 is extraordinary and offers complete help to the vendors, affiliates, and customers. You will get a step-by-step guide on the entire process and features blogs that help you with the best tips and practices.

In addition to that, the platform comes with help widgets to help your queries and has high-performing email support.

Advantages of Using Digistore24

Digistore24 offers several advantages that attract customers, vendors, and affiliates to this online platform. These advantages are:

Easy Affiliate Marketing Solution

Even though affiliate marketing is overgrowing in the current industry, it is still a highly complex market with several factors included in it.

Digistore24 offers the entire affiliate process in a simple way along with high-end technology, proper tracking, and an accessible account management system.

Free To Use

One of the most significant advantages of using Digistore24 is that this platform is free to use. Vendors can list their products on this top-quality online platform without any cost.

Not only those, but affiliate marketers can also refer people to the products on this site for free and will still be able to earn a commission on sales.

Proper Monitoring

Digistore24 has an excellent monitoring feature that deals with almost every situation within the platform.

The active monitoring system spots even the most minor issues and works on them before they start causing any significant inconvenience.

It allows the vendors, affiliate marketers, and users to navigate the entire operation smoothly and prevents unethical practices in the platform.

Great Integration

This online platform features a great integration, making operations and networks easier for everyone. It also comes with a properly integrated mobile app for easy access for users, businesses, and affiliates.

The platform is also fully integrated for developers and offers individual access to all the company’s employees.

Disadvantages of Using Digistore24

While Digistore24 has several advantages, it has quite a few disadvantages. Let us take a look at the drawbacks of this online platform.

Very Limited Amount of Products

A significant disadvantage of Digistore24 is that the number of products listed on the platform is minimal. You do not have a lot of options to choose from, and the majority of items are listed under fitness or digital service niches.

Even though the online platform has been available for quite a long time, it is typically based on the German market.

Thus, the focus on the English market is tiny, which resulted in developing a small market for the United States and other countries.

App Issues

A common problem that most people face with Digistore24 is that the app has quite a few technical issues and several bugs and glitches. The app often crashes or sometimes stops responding with a black screen.

The situation sometimes gets so extreme that you have to uninstall the app and reinstall it to get access to it again.

Poor Quality

To be successful in affiliate marketing, you will have to make sure that you refer people to products with good performance and quality.

Failure to do so will make people lose their trust and interest in your reviews and referrals, and you will not earn money in commissions.

A significant disadvantage of Digistore24 is that the platform has a lot of cheap quality products, especially the digital items listed on the site. However, compared to digital products, physical products offer a decent quality.

An Overview of ClickBank

Similar to Digistore24, ClickBank is also one of the leading online platforms and retailers that sell a wide range of products. It is one of the oldest affiliate markets available right now and was founded in the year 1998 by three friends.

Today, this affiliate market has reached an annual turnover of 1 billion dollars and sells products from all over the world to various countries across the globe.

The initial focus of this online platform was on digital products, but they have recently shifted their focus to physical items as well.

Businesses can list their products on this platform, and affiliate marketers can promote those products and earn a specific commission on every sale made through their reference.


ClickBank offers several attractive features to vendors, affiliate marketers, and customers and these features have helped the company to reach the position it is in today. Let us look at the top features offered by this affiliate network.

Precise Search Engine

A top feature of ClickBank is that it comes with a precise search engine. And this allows you to quickly find the products you look for without wasting your time browsing the entire marketplace.

Payment Calculator

The payment calculator offered by the affiliate network helps vendors and affiliate marketers to calculate the amount of money they are going to earn on each product.

It helps affiliate marketers choose the products they want to promote smartly by getting a clear idea of the amount of money they will earn depending on demand, pricing, etc.

Categorized Products

All the vendors’ products and items listed on ClickBank are appropriately categorized under their respective categories and subcategories. It helps affiliate marketers to look through the marketplace quickly and choose products they want to promote.

Find Affiliate Marketer

It is an excellent feature for all the vendors trying to grow their business. With this feature, you can look for affiliate marketers who can promote your business for you.

Advantages of Using ClickBank

ClickBank comes with several advantages that make it a top choice among all the other affiliate platforms available right now. Here we will discuss the benefits of ClickBank.

Wide Range of Products

ClickBank has a wide range of various niches available in the marketplace. You will find everything there, starting from digital items to physical products of all categories.

A broad marketplace helps affiliate marketers to choose the products they want to promote efficiency and cater to the needs of their audience.

Suitable For All Business Sizes

It does not matter whether you are a start-up, minor, or fully established one. You can always list your products on ClickBank to get a better reach and sales for your business. This online platform is suitable and highly recommended for every business size and model.

Improved Marketplace Search Engine

As discussed earlier, ClickBank is a huge marketplace with millions of products available. Even if you are going through a specific product category, you will still end up browsing through thousands of items.

This online marketplace has improved its search engine significantly and allows you to do an advanced search to find the right product you are looking for without spending too much of your valuable time to save your time and money.

Disadvantages of Using ClickBank

Everything in the world comes with both advantages and disadvantages, and the same goes for ClickBank. The disadvantages of this platform are:

ClickBank Fees

One of the significant disadvantages of this online platform is the ClickBank fees. All the vendors and affiliate marketers on this platform have to pay a certain amount of money to list their products and promote items.

No Free Trial

To use ClickBank, you will have to pay a certain registration fee as it does not offer a free trial. It is a disadvantage as start-ups, and small businesses do not have much money to invest.

In addition to that, vendors and affiliates do not get the chance to check out the features and make sure whether they work for them or not.

Improper Communication

In ClickBank, there is no option to have proper communication between the vendors and the affiliate marketers.

There is a communication system within the platform, but the vendors and affiliate marketers cannot communicate outside the site according to the rules.

Digistore24 Vs ClickBank – What are the Actual Differences?

Number of Available Items

If we talk about the number of items available on the platforms, ClickBank has more things to offer to people than Digistore24.

It allows the customers of ClickBank to choose the best product from hundreds of options and provides the affiliate with several products to promote.

Methods of Payment

Both ClickBank and Digistore24 allow you to withdraw money once every week if you reach the minimum withdrawal amount. However, there is a slight difference in the payment methods as Digistore24 offers more paying you money.

ClickBank uses Check and direct bank payment options to the vendors and affiliate marketers to withdraw money. On the other hand, Digistore24 allows you to withdraw money via PayPal, Check, or a direct bank transfer.


As discussed earlier, the number of products listed on ClickBank is significantly higher than that of Digistore24. It means that the competition for affiliate marketers and vendors is also high in ClickBank.

If you are a new affiliate marketer or a vendor, it might be hard for you to get a good reach in ClickBank compared to Digistore24.

Final Words

Both Digistore24 and ClickBank are popular and top choices for affiliate marketing. These platforms have their pros and cons but are a great way of earning if you are into affiliate marketing.

If we talk about our preference and choose one between Digistore24 vs ClickBank, we’ll go with ClickBank as the number of products is more which provides us with more options to choose from and promote.

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