The Best ShareASale Alternative in 2022

When our team was new to affiliate marketing, the concept of ShareASale baffled us. The efficiency and practicality of ShareASale in affiliate marketing were unmatched- almost making them a monopoly in this market back then.

With time, more and more companies came up with similar products to give ShareASale a fight for their spot and, in turn, give you an amazingly diverse market with SO many alternatives to choose from!

So… which is the best ShareASale Alternative? Which of them will best help you find your feet in affiliate marketing?

This guide is where you find out!

What You Should Look for in a ShareASale Alternative

Whether you’re a merchant or an affiliate, ShareASale (or its alternative) should be your holy grail.

If you’re an affiliate, such software should allow you to discover products worth promoting and help you earn a commission off of every sale made from your referral.

If you are a merchant, you can manage your affiliate program through the software- implementing and tracking the program to achieve the highest possible turnovers.

A good ShareASale alternative should help you do the jobs mentioned above easily and efficiently and, hence, generate enough cash flow for your blog/business.

ShareASale Alternatives worth Trying


What’s the best ShareASale alternative, you ask?

If you want a long, in-depth answer, you should read it until the end. If, however, you want a straight, to-the-point answer, then here it is: it’s Weberlo.

There are so many reasons we love Weberlo, and its tracker is one of them. Weberlo’s tracker is among the industry’s best- offering precise reports to help you optimize your affiliate sources without requiring any technical knowledge whatsoever!

Using this ShareASale alternative, you can analyze your marketing strategies (e.g., promotional emails, social media, affiliates, etc.) to determine your Return on Investment (ROI).

It allows you to make clever marketing investments to generate the highest sales with minimum expense.

Successful businesses keep track of their departmental transactions using spreadsheets. The problem with spreadsheets is that they can sometimes get messy.

Weberlo combats this problem by providing users a unified dashboard to keep track of all marketing-related activities, allowing for a tidy work experience.

Still not confident enough to make key decisions?

Try analyzing the sales data provided by Weberlo! Using only a few clicks on its site, you’ll find yourself in a huge library of relevant data that will help you better understand today’s market, making you a much better decision-maker!

You probably know about Apple’s tracking problems if you’re slightly experienced with online sales tracking. When you’re a Weberlo user, iOS tracking issues are none of your business!

It is because Weberlo’s cookie-less server-side tracker can successfully bypass iOS tracking concerns, hence providing you with the most accurate data of almost all ShareASale alternatives!


It may come as a surprise to you, but Amazon is an affiliate network. It’s the world’s largest affiliate network- offering millions of products in its marketplace, all of which are affiliate friendly.

To become affiliated with Amazon, you don’t necessarily need a website. You sign up for Amazon as an affiliate, enter your bank details, and you’re ready to go!

You can look up products on Amazon with the confidence that all products are affiliate friendly.

Though it’s superior to even ShareASale in terms of product selection, Amazon may not earn you a lot of money- especially if you make low volume sales.

To begin with, you’re given a 4% commission on every sale you make from your referrals and can only be promoted to a 12% commission once you hit a certain sales volume (which won’t be easy unless you make high volume sales.)

Rakuten Advertising

Ever heard of LinkShare?

Well, this is it; Rakuten Advertising is the new LinkShare. Since 2005, this Japanese electronic commerce company has mastered the art of affiliate networking, marking itself as one of the top contenders for some very valid reasons.

Firstly, the user interface of Rakuten Advertising is splendid! It’s simple, it’s slick, and above all, it’s user-friendly!

There’s a saying that presentation elevates the taste of food. In this case, Rakuten’s website’s slick and simple design makes it stand out.

Rakuten offers many tools for its users to make the best use of affiliate marketing.

One such tool is an optimization tool that helps generate leads so its users can make greater sales numbers. We love a company that cares about its customers, and Rakuten surely does not disappoint!

Besides, Rakuten Group (which owns Rakuten Advertising) also owns, one of Amazon’s greatest competitors.

Rakuten Inc. uses its sub-brands by integrating the two, so you never lack product selection as an affiliate!

Max Bounty

Max Bounty is an OG in affiliate marketing. It’s a great tool that allows you to get a grasp of its worldwide network of marketing plugs and offers accurate and detailed reports based on your performance.

Using this tool, you’ll be able to bring vast traffic to your site. Yes, great traffic doesn’t always mean great money, but with Max Bounty, you mostly only invite real people with real potential.

You might be tempted about joining Max Bounty right now, but let us warn you that it does have one catch.

What sucks about Max Bounty is that it’s quite an exclusive site, which won’t allow newbies in. If you were thinking of signing up before building your site, you better find somewhere else.

Additionally, Max Bounty has recently partnered with LeadGadget to help its customers make greater sales from their referrals.

It’s a training program based on affiliate marketing and lead generation, and we think it’s great!


If you didn’t know, eBay is a marketplace where customers buy and sell products by auction. It’s like Christie’s, but it’s online and for ordinary, unpretentious humans.

All jokes aside, eBay is an amazing ShareASale alternative. Like Amazon, it too has a vast marketplace with a huge selection of products.

It may be a bummer for most affiliate marketers, but using eBay, you can only refer storefronts- not every product up for auctioning. If, however, you do stick to it, you may be able to make a lot of money!

The commissioning system at eBay works in a way where you gain near-double commissions if a new customer (who has never before purchased from eBay) purchases through your referral link.


We reckon you’ve never heard of JVZoo before if you’re new to affiliate marketing.

JVZoo is an affiliate network that hasn’t quite got the popularity it would probably like.

This tool is not unique; it’s just good at everything without standing out for anything specific- which probably explains its lack of popularity.

We won’t mind referring you to this product if you’re thinking of using an affiliate network other than ShareASale since it does get the job done. It just isn’t flashy or unique enough to talk about.


We all know about the vastness of Apple’s user base. Apple users are not just users, and they’re fans of the Apple ecosystem.

With iTunes being a part of its ecosystem, it’s safe to say that almost 80% of all Apple users use iTunes- making it a trusty place for producers and artists to market their songs, podcasts, and other forms of digital entertainment.

Digital content creators tend to market their content using iTunes affiliate codes, earning additional commissions.

What’s not great about the iTunes affiliate program is that the commissions have razor-thin margins.

You’ll earn in cents rather than in dollars. So, if you wish to find any form of success as an iTunes affiliate, do it through large volume referrals.


If you want to make sales outside of Europe and America, VCommission is your best bet.

Founded by a group of Indians, VCommission focuses on products that run on thin profit margins.

In other words, if your business/blog is based in the Middle East or Asia, this should be your go-to affiliate networking site.

For Americans (or Europeans), this product will be of little to no use since the weight of its commissions will do you no good in countries from the west.


ClickBank is probably the most popular direct competitor to ShareASale. It’s one of the first and most well-established affiliate networking sites that offer various affiliate-friendly products- ranging from mobile apps and software to beverages.

Unlike selling physical products, where people only make single purchases, many apps and software are sold on a subscription basis.

You can earn monthly or yearly commissions by referring to subscription-based products on ClickBank (as long as your referred subscribers haven’t canceled their subscriptions).

For physical products that don’t sell on subscriptions, you can still earn commissions from referrals.


Having researched ShareASale alternative and used a few of them first-hand, we would rank Weberlo over the rest (maybe even above ShareASale).

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try out the other alternatives mentioned above.

Since all of these products come at a cost, we would highly encourage you to scroll back up and compare your top choices before making a final decision.

With that being said, we hope this guide helps you generate lots of traffic and sales. We wish to have helped you find your feet in affiliate marketing.

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