Hyros Review (Features & Pricing): Is Hyros Worth It?

Internet marketers spend loads of money on ads. Yet, it isn’t easy to track ad data across multiple traffic sources. Hyros was created to solve this problem.

Popular brands like Impact Theory, ClickFunnels, SamCart, etc., have already gotten on board with Hyros. But is Hyros worth the hype it gets? We’ll answer that question in this in-depth hyros review.

Why was Hyros Created?

Alex Becker was an accomplished entrepreneur. He was a skilled media buyer and spent more than $10k+ on ads every day. And he spent this money across Facebook, Google, and other platforms.

He realized that there wasn’t a good solution for cross-platform tracking in the market. The absence of such a tool resulted in many missed opportunities for Alex. So, he decided to build a product that’d solve his problems. And Hyros was born.

Who is Alex Becker?

Alex was an influencer across different platforms before he started Hyros. He has amassed a huge following of 1.23 million subscribers on YouTube. He shares content related to Crypto currency and NFT on YouTube.

Also, he has over 300K followers on Twitter and 250K on Instagram. He is the founder of Hyros, and he also runs an email marketing agency called MarketHero. He has started many successful companies at a young age.

An Overview of Hyros

Hyros stands for Hyper-Accurate Tracking for Digital Businesses. It’s an advanced tracking and attribution tool for large media buyers. Besides, it’s specifically built for businesses that spend over five figures on ads each month.

Well, hyros aims to give its users a better understanding of their ad spends. Hyros helps customers to optimize their sales funnels. It also helps to minimize wasting money on ineffective ads.

How Does Hyros Work?

Hyros works by installing a “watcher code” on your website. This code integrates itself with several data points on your website, such as payment processors, phone numbers, IP addresses, cookies, etc. Hyros collects data across ten different data points.

It tries to get as much information as possible about your customers by tracking them at several touchpoints. That’s what makes Hyros special. Collecting data across multiple points makes it easy for Hyros to track customers.

Even if the customer changes their browser or email, Hyros can track them using their IP address. Hyros works through server-side tracking as opposed to client-side tracking.

While Facebook pixel follows the customer, the watcher code is loaded on your website. That’s why tracking customers with Hyros is more accurate.

Because Hyros collects data at so many touchpoints, they can make an accurate customer profile. That’s how they calculate the LTV of customers. Hyros can also feed data to the AI of the ad platforms such as Google and Facebook.

Features of Hyros

We’ll be discussing the best features of Hyros in this section.

Accurate and Long-Term Ad Tracking

You can track all your ads from a single dashboard using Hyros. Hyros brings all the scattered data across different sources under one platform.

After the IOS 14 update, Hyros is even more useful as it’s getting difficult to track customers with Fb Pixel.

Facebook Pixel does have its use but there are several issues with it. The tracking done by Facebook pixel is only 70-80% accurate.

That is where Hyros comes in. It is much better than Fb pixels at measuring data. To track high-ticket conversions, Fb Pixel would be ineffective. But Hyros would do this job with perfection.

Hyros can track data over the long term as well. If you are selling a high-ticket product, the chances are that your customers won’t convert immediately.

Tracking these customers would be difficult with Fb Pixel. But Hyros can track them from the first click to the end of their journey.

The main benefit of Hyros is that you get accurate data. You can compare the results of multiple platforms. Hyros helps you track which campaigns perform best and double down on them.

You can track your revenue, ROI, organic traffic, ad clicks, conversions, email clicks, calls, etc., with Hyros.

Email Tracking

Hyros does an awesome job at tracking your emails. You can integrate Hyros easily with any popular Email marketing tool. It’s easy to set up, and you can have a 360-degree view of your email marketing campaigns.

You can set up Hyros within seconds and start tracking emails. You can track emails and separate and segment them using Hyros. Also, it helps you separate the organic emails from the paid traffic. It will make your ROI crystal clear.

You’ll have full transparency to your data, and know which email led to your customer signing up for your newsletter. Then, you’ll know which email prompted them to click on your website and make a purchase with you.

Accurate Reporting

Hyros enables you to get a complete picture of the customer journey. It collects data from several touch-points and shows you which campaigns generate the best ROI.

It also comes with a chrome extension which is very easy to set up. It takes 2 clicks to set up the Hyros extension. You can see the reports in the dashboard of Google Ads and Facebook Ad Manager using this extension.

The AI of Hyros is great at learning. It uses 10 data points to collect data, and it gets to learn a lot about your customers than the other platforms.

It’ll get better and better every day and make it easy to figure out the best course of action for you.

Call Tracking

When closing a high-ticket conversion, it’s common to be on the phone with the clients.

Such clients aren’t usually easy to convince, and it takes a personal touch to close the sale. The good news is that Hyros is just as effective at tracking calls with Emails and Sale Funnels.

The watcher code placed on your header allows Hyros to track your calls. It integrates with most of the popular scheduling software in the market.

Their website claims that they’ll be able to track calls even if your client calls after a year has passed.

Superior Integrations

The integration game of Hyros is on another level. It’s got the best players of the entire digital marketing world on board with it. Here is a list of Hyros integrations:

Ad Integrations

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn
  • ManyChat
  • Snapchat
  • Madgicx

Call Tracking Integrations

  • Calendly
  • YouCanBook.me
  • Schedule Once/Once Hub
  • GoHighLevel
  • And a lot more

Payment Processor Integrations

  • PayPal
  • ClickFunnels
  • SamCart
  • Kajabi
  • ClickBank
  • Magento
  • And a lot more

Landing Page Integrations

  • Shopify
  • ClickFunnels
  • Unbounce
  • LeadPages
  • And a lot more

Hyros Pricing – How Much is It?

Unfortunately, Hyros isn’t transparent about its pricing. On top of it, Hyros is an invite-only platform. You can’t just sign up to Hyros and start using their services. You’d have to be accepted by Hyros first.

You’ll have to meet the two following criteria if you want to use Hyros:

  • You must spend over $10k each month on ads.
  • Your revenue must be over $40k per month.

If you meet these requirements, you can reach out to Hyros and set up a call with them. One of the team members of Hyros will get back to you. They’ll talk to you about your business and determine if it’d be a great fit to work together.

They’ll do an in-depth study of your marketing systems in this call. Also, they’ll identify where you’re missing out on revenue opportunities and where you’re wasting money on ads. Hyros will set up a custom plan for you based on your needs.

Hyros Refund Policy

Hyros offers a 90-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like their services. It is well above the accepted standard of refund for software companies.

Most software companies have a 14 to 30-day guarantee period. Hyros goes well beyond that as it’s confident about the quality of service it provides.

Hyros Competitors – Who Are They?

There are many competitors for Hyros, but only two are noteworthy. These are:

  • AnyTrack
  • WickedReports

Let’s see what the difference between them is and which one is going to be the right fit for you:

Hyros vs Anytrack

Anytrack provides similar services as Hyros but targets smaller businesses. The pricing of Anytrack starts from $50 and goes up to $300 per month. You’ll have complete transparency over the price if you choose Anytrack.

Hyros vs Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports targets slightly larger businesses than Anytrack. The prices start from $260 per month. You can also get a custom plan from Wicked Reports, just like Hyros.

The key difference between Hyros and Wicked Reports is their customer service. Well, the support team of Hyros is better than that of Wicked Reports. Hyros takes a proactive approach to solving customer problems.

Who Should Use Hyros?

You should get Hyros if you are:

  • Spending more than $10K a month on ads.
  • Using multiple sources of traffic.

These are the two main reasons to get Hyros. If either of these two doesn’t fit you, we recommend getting Hyros.

Pros and Cons of Hyros

Pros of Hyros

  • Hyros has an amazing support team that’ll cater to your needs.
  • It’s the ideal solution for someone who has multiple sources of traffic.
  • It can increase your revenue and minimize your costs by 10%
  • Hyros comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Cons of Hyros

  • You need to spend at least $10K per month to use Hyros.
  • Hyros isn’t transparent about its pricing.
  • Hyros is more expensive than its competitors.
  • You need to arrange a call and explain your business to Hyros.
  • Hyros doesn’t have a free trial.

Final Verdict

Now, after reading this Hyros review, you’ve all the details you need to make an informed decision. Hyros is more expensive than its competitors, but it provides the best service. Whether you need it or need it is a decision you have to make.

Hyros isn’t for you if you’re just getting started with ads. Make sure that you’re a profitable business before you decide to invest in Hyros. If you’re losing money on ads, Hyros isn’t a magical pill you can swallow to turn it all around overnight.

If you think Hyros is the right choice for you, book a call with them. It won’t hurt to listen to what their team has to say. And if anything goes wrong, there is always the money-back guarantee for the first 90 days.

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