RedTrack vs Voluum: A Comparative Guide

There is more to starting a business than just opening a shop or setting up a website. It takes a lot of patience and works to make a business successful. One of the most important things in a business, along with product quality and service, is getting the word out about your work.

To promote our work on the internet, we typically take the help of affiliate marketing tools available to us, which are useful to an extent.

However, to get a clear idea of how well these tools are working for you, you will have to track the progress. And both RedTrack and Voluum are famous when it comes to affiliate tracking tools.

Well, you may get confused while choosing between these tools. In this guide, we will discuss RedTrack vs Voluum to give you a clear idea about which one we should go for.

An Overview of RedTrack

RedTrack is one of the latest affiliate tracking tools in the industry and is gaining popularity with each passing day.

It is a high-performing tool and offers several unique features that completely change the user experience. You will be able to easily track the traffic of your business and see each performance detail.

Not only that, but it will also help to conduct a detailed analysis of your business, allowing you to understand where you can tune in or improve.

If we talk about the features offered by this tracking tool, these are very simple to understand and use, even if you are new to the world of tracking.

It does not matter whether you are looking for the basic details or the complete in-depth analysis of your affiliate marketing. This tool allows you to do it all.

Key Features

As discussed above, RedTrack comes with some attractive and unique features that help us get a proper understanding of the market and our business. So, let us take a look at the features that the tool offers:

Auto Scaling

One of the major ways of promoting or growing your business is to reach your target audience through various advertisements and campaigns.

RedTrack features auto-scaling, which allows them to design several advanced levels and high-performing campaigns that help you reach more and more people.

Facebook Redirect Link Tracking

Facebook is one of the most used apps worldwide right now and is a great way of growing your business.

However, if you are aware of redirect URLs, you must know that Facebook does not allow them for several safety reasons.

If Facebook can detect any such redirect link, they will instantly block it as these links can redirect viewers to various restricted internet content. You cannot use redirect tracking to track the campaign insight and details on Facebook.

Luckily, RedTrack offers a feature that allows you to easily track the advertising campaigns on Facebook via redirect links. Setting up these features is extremely easy, and you can learn more about them from the company.

AI Smartlink Technology

RedTrack features an AI Smartlink technology that has been specifically designed to improve the reach of the advertising campaigns of a business.

Affiliate marketers can incorporate several offers and networks into one place with the help of a single API.

It can also automate the traffic distribution of the website and improve the conversion probability of every click of the affiliate or campaign link.

Tracking Pixel Technology

In simple words, pixel tracking technology is similar to the conversion tracking we do in server to server.

The tracking pixel is integrated into a landing page of your website, and whenever customers sign up for your service or purchase something from your website, they will be redirected to the landing page.

Once they are redirected to the landing page, the tracking pixel technology will be triggered, allowing you to track the business’s conversions.

Multiple User Access

The multiple user access features by RedTrack allows affiliate marketers to share the account with other people related to the website or the work.

It gives people the access to see the business’s information, check and keep track of the data, and run advertising campaigns.

Advantages of Using RedTrack

There are several advantages that RedTrack offers to its users that make it one of the top affiliate market tracking tools. These advantages are:

Free Trial

RedTrack allows users and affiliate marketers to use their service for free for a certain period. It allows the users to properly understand the services and check the tool’s features and performance.

The free trial helps people decide whether it is a useful tool for their website or not and whether they want to use it in the future.

Real-Time Report and Great Support

The tool offers real-time reports that allow you to track each movement of the website and improve the performance accordingly.

It also offers outstanding support that helps you in case you are experiencing any problem with the tracking or the features.

Fraud and Bot Detection

Frauds and bots often affect the integration and reach of the campaigns significantly. RedTrack can easily detect these bots and frauds and keep them out of your business.

Mobile and Desktop App

RedTrack is available in both mobile and desktop apps which make tracking the website and the details easier for the marketer. The mobile app allows you to go through the details on the go and use the advanced features.

Disadvantages of Using RedTrack

Other than the great advantages, RedTrack also has quite a few disadvantages. These disadvantages are:

No Error Log

One of the disadvantages of RedTrack is that there is no error log. The lack of this log makes it difficult for the affiliate marketer to know about the errors in the campaigns or website, and they cannot improve or integrate the performance according to it.

Hard To Detect Features

As we discussed above, RedTrack offers some of the top features in the market right now.

But the disadvantage is that some of these features are hard to find if you are not an advanced marketer, and this can reduce the functionality of the website and make it difficult to track the details by using all the features.

An Overview of Voluum

In affiliate marketing, Voluum is a known name and is one of the most reputed market tracking tools available right now.

The service provided by the tool is undoubtedly reliable and can track, manage, customize and optimize all your advertising campaigns easily and from one place.

It can track organic or natural traffic of your website or campaign and track all sorts of paid traffic. The interface is easy to understand and use but comes at a high price.

This affiliate tracking tool helps you make decisions based on tracking data for the business’s improvement and growth and allows you to earn a better response on your campaigns.

Key Features

Similar to RedTrack, Voluum also offers quite a few outstanding features that improve the ad tracking experience and help achieve the right data by providing efficient performance. Here, we will discuss the features that the company offers.

Affiliate Conversion Tracking

Your business will earn money with each conversion when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Voluum offers top-quality affiliate conversion tracking features that help you to track the amount of money you earn, including your advertising campaigns’ performance and reach.

Ad Impression Tracking

Voluum also features a high-performing ad impression tracking system. Ad impression refers to one loaded ad on one page.

Tracking ad impressions allows you to better understand the traffic source and helps you improve the quality of your advertising campaigns.

Efficient Bot Tracking

This affiliate tracking tool does not only help to track the details of your advertising campaigns but also helps to detect all sorts of unusual traffic on the website.

Unusual traffic refers to malware, bots, and so on that can ruin your ad campaign and can also cause harm to your business.

Pixel Tracking

The pixel tracking feature allows the marketer to track your website’s traffic without any sort of redirect initially.

It significantly speeds up the process as the website does not redirect the visitors in the middle of the process.

In addition to that, it takes all of the visitors directly to the website’s landing page, allowing you to track all sorts of traffic, including organic, paid, and many more.


Voluum is the world’s first ad tracking tool that also features an offer marketplace. In this marketplace, the users of Voluum can choose from offers and campaigns that they want to promote.

Advantages of Using Voluum

Voluum offers several advantages that make it a great choice for all users. Let us take a look at the advantages that it offers.

Reliable Support Channels and Real-Time Reports

One of the biggest advantages of Voluum is that it comes with fast and reliable support channels that help with almost every problem.

You can contact the support channels, and they will address your problem after knowing the details and provide you with an efficient solution.

This tracking tool also offers real-time reports meaning that you always have updated details about traffic, conversion, and so on.

Mobile App

Voluum is available as a mobile app for easy access and use. The app comes with all the features that the tool offers and allows you to access the information about the campaigns easily with the help of touch.

It also allows pushing notifications on both iOS and Android, which means that you can get live updates on your phone even if you do not have the time to check the app.

Bot Detection

Bots, malware, frauds, and so on often disrupt the flow of our campaigns and prevent them from reaching the targeted audience.

It affects the campaign and reduces the organic traffic, causing a decrease in sales and profit.

Voluum can detect the bots and prevent them from ruining the flow of your campaign, allowing it to reach the audience properly and divert more organic traffic to the website.

Disadvantages of Using Voluum

Every ad tracking tool comes with both advantages and disadvantages, and Voluum has its cons as well. These are:

No Option for Free Trial

Voluum is one of the leading ad tracking tools in the market, but it does not come with a free trial. You will have to purchase the version at the very beginning to access the features provided by the tool.

While Voluum offers several high-performing features, the lack of a free trial causes quite a few new marketers to back off from getting the subscription.

Does Not Have a Desktop App

Voluum has a mobile app, but it does not have a desktop app. While the mobile app is convenient, a desktop app is necessary for better monitoring of the traffic and conversion.

RedTrack Vs Voluum – What are the Actual Differences?

Pricing Options

RedTrack offers a free trial to its clients for a certain period, while Voluum has no option for a free trial, and you will have to pay upfront.

If we talk about the pricing options of both the ad-tracking tools, RedTrack offers a wide range of cost plans according to features, and the price is quite reasonable.

On the other hand, Voluum has a higher price point mainly due to its industry performance, features, and reputation.

Multiple User Interface

One feature that attracts more people to RedTrack is its multiple-user facility. It allows the client to share the details, data, and campaign management with others, making work and tracking easier and more efficient.

Voluum does not offer multiple user interfaces, meaning the client will have to manage, track, and optimize the campaigns and traffic on their own.

Desktop and Mobile App

Both RedTrack and Voluum are available in the cloud, SaaS, web, and convenient mobile apps. RedTrack also offers a desktop app to operate in both Mac and Windows operating systems. However, Voluum does not have a desktop app.

Support Channels

RedTrack and Voluum both have a reliable support system that helps solve problems, bugs, etc.

While RedTrack has only one support channel for all the issues, Voluum comes with several support channels that offer faster and more reliable support compared to RedTrack.

Error Log

Voluum features an error log that helps the clients track the issues and errors in the advertising campaign, allowing them to improvise and optimize the campaigns easily.

On the other hand, RedTrack does not have an error log, making it hard for the clients to identify the errors and issues affecting the ad campaign.

Final Words

There is no doubt that these ad-tracking tools are useful and offer extraordinary performance. While RedTrack is a new player in the industry, it has earned quite a big name for itself in the market.

On the other hand, Voluum is one of the oldest and top ad-tracking tools and is famous for its performance and features. But if you ask about our preference, we would go with Redtrack due to the multiple price plans, features, user interface, and free trial. You can check as well Redtrack alternatives.

Experience and understand the market with the free trial and see how it suits you and your advertising campaigns. Hopefully, this RedTrack vs Voluum review will greatly help you.

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