Jvzoo Vs Warriorplus: Advantages and Disadvantages

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or a vendor, the challenge is constantly generating profit for the sale of products.

That said, the proper usage of particular platforms is a must to measure success. Two of the most popular platforms are Jvzoo and Warriorplus.

But the question is, Jvzoo vs Warriorplus, which one is better?

Worry not, as in this guide; we will compare these two platforms. You will get to know the strengths and the drawbacks of both these platforms. Therefore, without wasting any moment, let us begin.

Overview of Jvzoo

Jvzoo is a marketplace for affiliate marketers, where an affiliate marketer can find products to promote at reasonable prices. It is the platform where sellers list and advertise their products, making it easy for affiliate marketers.

This platform consists of a staggering 800000 active affiliates. And in addition to that, they have sold over 18 million products to date.

All these things do make Jvzoo look like a superb digital platform. But you should not jump to the conclusion before knowing the insights in detail.

That said, you’ll have a better view of this platform in the next part, as we will tell you about its core features.


Jvzoo is a platform that both business owners and affiliate marketers can use for their benefit. It comes with some standard features that make it a trustable platform for both parties.

In terms of paying affiliates or the marketers withdrawing money, transacting platforms like PayPal, you can integrate Bluesnap and stripe with Jvzoo.

However, there are provisions for a seller if you want to automate the whole payment process.

In that situation, the seller will directly transfer the sales Commission to the bank account of affiliates, which they can withdraw through any money transaction medium.

Now, feature-wise, Jvzoo is a great deal to many. It sports tracking data to the viewer in a much more elaborate manner. You can view the sales volume and the earnings per click.

And since you would be generating revenues, it has the feature of calculating the amount that you’ll be taxed for the region where you are operating.

It also offers data protection of the highest level as it complies with GDPR.

Other than this, you can regulate the affiliate approval by automating or even manually. It’s entirely dependent on your decision about selecting the affiliates that meet your requirements.

That said, signing up for this marketplace is a four-step process. And after you are done with this, you will be able to add products to the account.

You can either make these products public or set custom privacy. But making this public would be suggested as it will help the product have more comprehensive coverage and boost sales.

Advantages of Jvzoo

Whether Jvzoo will be worth a shot or not will be dependent on the benefits you receive from this platform.

First thing first, its registration process is super easy and is free.

Unlike most other affiliate marketing platforms where payment is based on A certain number of sales you make, Jvzoo pays for every sale. That means, if it’s even a single sale, you’ll be paid for that.

Another perk of using this platform is that you will get very detailed statistics about the affiliate products, which will guide you through setting the right strategies.

The best part is that the commission rates in this platform can go up to 100%.

Nonetheless, with a plethora of digital products and easy creation of affiliate links, using Jvzoo can turn out to be a reasonable decision.

Disadvantages of Jvzoo

Sometimes the situation is not entirely favorable for the affiliate marketers and vendors. Jvzoo has its share of limitations that affect the users of this platform.

Since there are many digital products, most don’t go through proper legitimacy checks. Therefore as a marketer, if you plan to create affiliate links, you need to do some extra tasks for checking them.

Also, Jvzoo doesn’t filter out the dead products from their inventory. As a result, again, you need to do some extra work before creating links.

Overview of Warriorplus

Just like Jvzoo, Warriorplus is a Digital Marketplace. It is designed for individuals who want to create and sell their digital products and for affiliate marketers to promote them to a particular audience.

As an affiliate marketer, you will get enough options for starting an affiliate marketing campaign. Also, the diverse range of affiliate programs makes it easy to promote the products.

Overall, for making money by promoting or selling the product, Warriorplus is one the most trustable platforms as it doesn’t contain any MLM or identical products.


As for the features of Warriorplus, it comes with a world-class tracking system, which is accessible by both sellers and affiliates.

The purpose of this tracking system is that it allows the tracking of unique prospects through the entire sales funnel. That said, it is a good source of data that will help to improve the customer experience soon.

You can even add Google and Facebook pixels while promoting. It helps a lot in retargeting the customers.

The best part is that this platform offers you a multi-tiered commission structure for different affiliates. It enables you to retain the best affiliates and give incentives for holding on to the underperforming ones.

Among other prominent features are the availability of unlimited up sells or down sells. Also, you will have the ability to add different IDs to different traffic sources for better understanding.

Now, for rewarding the best affiliate partners, Warriorplus can be integrated with PayPal and Stripe. In addition, the instant Commission payment through PayPal can even retain some of the best affiliate partners.

Advantages of Warriorplus

The benefits of opting for Warriorplus are good in a number. This platform comes with a specific section where both the affiliate and publishers can plan and initiate campaigns. Also, they have a very detailed view of the campaign’s metrics.

Notably, this section features campaign creation to link up the products.

Other than this, the affiliate network in this is much more flexible. The payments of the commissions are processed in no time, and it is appropriately tracked so that the amount of every affiliate product partner gets ensured.

Moreover, the easy sign-up, as well as good junk of digital products does make it a viable option.

Disadvantages of Warriorplus

The problem with Warriorplus is that it comes with an unclear refund policy. Unlike its features which are very much detailed, its refund policy has some vague elements.

In most cases, the platform doesn’t inform the customers whether they will receive refunds or not.

Also, if the customer decides to buy the product from the merchant website, you will not receive any commission as an affiliate.

Jvzoo vs Warriorplus – Which one is better?

Since you have a decent idea about Jvzoo and Warriorplus, we feel you can somewhat draw the differences.

Both these platforms have digital products in inventory. For Jvzoo, e-commerce software is the main focus, and for Warriorplus, the other software is the focus.

But the main difference is that the range of software for Jvzoo is enormous compared to Warriorplus. Also, the commission rate is higher.

Warriorplus is a bit limited in the case of the type of software. Therefore, it loses the upper hand over Jvzoo to some extent.

How to Use Jvzoo?

To get the best out of Jvzoo, you need to adopt the right strategies at the right time. Below, we will explain some of the easiest ways to help you make money quickly.

Blog Creation

For making money, the easiest way that you can adopt is by creating an affiliate marketing website and then hooking up your affiliate links with relevant blogs.

It is blog marketing, which will attract readers to Jvzoo products. In this regard, you must ensure the quality of content that will give proper insights about the products.

Also, make sure that the design of your website is attractive and responsive enough.

The total combination of effective website and content results in desired sales.

Building Sales Funnel

Creating a sales funnel will entice more people to buy the product. You should start this process by adopting an email marketing strategy and mailing the interested parties about the offers available.

That said, you should include the links correctly that will redirect them to the correct pages.

Besides, this process also involves building landing pages and ensuring higher traffic.

Paid Advertising

It is expensive to get people to click your links at a higher rate, and there is no better strategy.

It not only gains the attraction of the but also boosts up your affiliate commissions. Nonetheless, to get better results paid advertising is always recommended.

Build Presence on Forums

Building a good presence on the forums where Jvzoo products are discussed can be a good ploy.

Also, social media marketing is a proven strategy, which would give not only your product visibility but also a competitive advantage.

Final Thoughts

Choosing one between Jvzoo vs Warriorplus must be a challenging task. Though we suggest you go for Jvzoo, it doesn’t make Warriorplus an alarming prospect.

You should use both platforms if necessary.

Jvzoo is better for more outstanding commissions and launches. Whereas, Warriorplus ensures better affiliate retention features.

Both are great platforms, which mean that you should set your priorities before choosing one of them. The only then desired outcome is possible.

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