RevContent vs Outbrain: Which one to Choose?

Have you ever seen popped-up advertisements on different websites? These ads mostly talk about specific products or a place where you can visit via a specific company.

Sometimes people do end up getting to know good deals from these ads. But how does it work? You know, small businesses face many difficulties at the beginning to cope with the current market.

However, you might also find them establishing themselves within a few months or years. Their success is to get connected with their targeted audience advertising network.

If you have ever heard of this specific term, you might also have heard about RevContent and Outbrain that help advertise. RevContent vs Outbrain, which factors to consider and which one to choose? Let’s find out!

An Overview of RevContent

RevContent is an industry leader in content marketing and specializes in Native Ads that assist brands in connecting with their target audience.

It helps increase the engagement of brands and content and build direct relationships with customers.

Publishers must complete a form to start working with the RevContent advertising platform. In this form, they must submit data about their site and the traffic it contains. They can also register both as Advertisers and publishers.

The owners of the websites may embed ad widgets provided by RevContent on their pages to show advertisements purchased through the RevContent platform.

RevContent advertising may be targeted and optimized based on various characteristics, including ZIP code, location to the device, and OS system.

This comprehensive targeting enables the owners to control campaigns and do A/B testing. It, in return, helps in improving existing efforts for the future.

Since its founding year 2013, RevContent has grown swiftly and evolved into an innovative advertising platform that everybody puts their faith in.

Key Features

  • Uses native advertising to engage customers.
  • Contains grouping and segmentation feature
  • The withdrawal amount is a minimum 50$.
  • Places advertisement on websites containing traffic level up to 50000 views
  • Tracks engagement and upgrades accordingly.
  • Reports in real-time.
  • Payment is made per click on advertisements.
  • Provides monetization and 100% fill rates.
  • Uplifts revenue with faster and more effective widgets.
  • Provides granular safety and control mechanisms to users.
  • Each ad unit is a 1X1 single panel.

Advantages of Using RevContent

RevContent is currently a leading and growing advertising platform that has been successfully promoting campaigns and businesses for the past 09 years.

People using this platform have found growth and uplifted revenue every time that helped them shape their ideas more effectively.

Their native advertising is probably one of all the unique and advantageous features. This strategy helps the viewer click on links presented attractively.

The contents can be published with custom fonts while not hampering the page’s loading speed. Thus, this native advertising technology becomes a great source of connecting with potential customers.

Their Google AMP ad format is best for enhancing the user experience and earning higher CMPs by the publishers.

Additionally, RevContent added browser targeting, an amazing tool for companies and advertising. These tools are effective for those marketers who wish to target certain browsers.

Their support team is also efficient at their work, which helps the customers acknowledge certain answers they are looking for.

The multiple payment options make it easier for people to easily operate the systems without worrying about the payment.

Disadvantages of Using RevContent

Though RevContent has succeeded in working with many well-known media outlets, people still face some issues while working with it.

You cannot do the optimization of campaign performance on this platform. It leads to losing valuable audiences over time. Moreover, Users who are not familiar with good quality traffic also find issues using RevContent.

The huge traffic management requirements and small daily budget provide poor performance for the publishers too.

An Overview of Outbrain

Outbrain is an advertising platform that uses native advertising technology that enables publishers to boost traffic and monetize their content on websites.

They use their personalized and relevant content-making strategy that assists different businesses in finding their target consumers easily.

Outbrain helps in connecting audiences with efficient monetization solutions. Their advertising on different platforms helps gather more audience within a short time and gather consumer information for larger enterprises.

Advertisers normally utilize Outbrain to display advertising that resembles journalistic pieces.

Moreover, advertisers can only pay when a user clicks on the advertisement, and the money gained through it is split between. Outbrain and publishers.

Key Features

  • You can create campaigns with customized profiles.
  • Traffic can be shaped easily.
  • You can watch videos without interfering with other content.
  • You can navigate it easily.
  • Internationally renowned hence customers are not limited to one place.
  • Easy UX design and low CPA strategy.
  • Publishes advertisements on different social networks.
  • Provides great customer service and high-quality traffic.

Advantages of Using Outbrain

Outbrain, being a leading advertising company, has gained trust around the world. Their native advertising technology helps gain the attention of customers more easily.

Their CBS strategies and communication come to great help raise awareness for your campaigns.

They also offer a fair budget, which helps mid-budget companies expand their business further. It brings the best ROI for customers, and their cursol advertisements can help audiences see what’s more you have to offer.

Their smart clip ads are great in upgrading the advertising performance. Their discovery modules help in researching the latest trends for amazing content.

Outbrain provides you with the opportunity to have your advertisements shown on some of the most prominent websites on the internet.

They have relationships with different well-known websites, and they are constantly expanding their list by forming new alliances with new publishers.

Disadvantages of Using Outbrain

This amazing platform also has some cons that affect some of its users. The Outbrain might be great since it has many unique features, but their projects are not editable.

Hence once you are done making them live, you cannot edit them even if you want.

Moreover, there is no preview option available for the advertisements too. Also, when you’re working with several accounts, setting up billing might be a hassle to set up.

The automated bidding strategy doesn’t allow users to adjust their bids. Adding a new publisher to a campaign with a large number of clicks might occasionally degrade the campaign’s efficiency. The targeting is ambiguous, and it is unclear who the target audience is.

RevContent vs Outbrain- What are the Actual Differences?

Keeping all pros and cons aside, we need to remember that both websites serve the same purpose.

Their advertising techniques might differ, but they are still connected via advertising marketing. Hence, if you’re wondering the differences between both of these sites, we are here for you.

Market share

Currently, many users are using either one or both of these platforms to upgrade their business plans. In this case, Outbrain is taking the lead as it has almost 400000+ sites worldwide.

Hence it’s accessible by many users, and their trend is vastly growing. The RevContent, however, is lagging as it hasn’t got any leads in market segments like Outbrain.


RevContent has the highest revenue share than Outbrain in the case of revenue. It distributes almost 80 percent of the income generated to the publishers while retaining the remaining 20 percent for services rendered.

However, Outbrain only distributes 50% of its earnings to publishers and keeps the remaining 50%.

Targeting strategy

Both Outbrain and RevContent offer different targeting strategies to reach as many customers as possible.

Outbrain goes for Placement Targeting, Standard targeting, advanced audience targeting, advanced placement targeting, dynamic retargeting, and contextual targeting.

On the other hand, RevContent offers- Country target, ZIP code targeting, language targeting, device targeting, white list, and blacklist targeting.

Geography and publishers

Outbrain provides greater use coverage over a broader range of web sectors such as mArts & Entertainment, Computers, Electronics & Technology, News & Media, and more.

On the other hand, Outbrain has an impressive publisher roster that includes high-profile publications such as The Guardian, Runner’s World, Men’s Health, and many others.

RevContent is one of the fastest-growing native ad networks and has collaborated with top-notch companies such as Forbes, CBS, Reuters, and the Worldwide Business Times. However, they are still lagging behind Outbrain in both of these sectors.


Outbrain’s anti-fraud team employs internal safeguards and an extra layer of protection from CHEQ to assist users in ensuring clean and safe traffic for users.

RevContent also has built-in anti-fraud technology that protects your brand’s image and reputation. It also enables users to connect with premium publishers while keeping transparency in domains.

Statistics in real-time

The engagement dashboard of Outbrain helps in tracking all real-time data regarding income and widget performance.

RevContent, on the other hand, uses some tools such as fractional bidding, budget pacing, page view tracking, etc., to generate data for your assurance.

Final Words

You must have chosen one of the companies above for your business in your head. But we can’t deny that both RevContent and Outbrain have outshined many of their competitors in the whole content marketing sector.

If you want us to choose one for you, we would probably advise you to read this RevContent vs Outbrain guide again for your assurance.

If you are not indecisive on which one to choose between the two, we wish you the best for your upcoming journey.

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